28 Days Later 2002 Dual Audio 480P BluRay

Three animal advocates go to a laboratory to deliver monkeys to strange experiences of violence. Despite the warnings of a scientist on the virulence of the virus of the fury that was injected, they release one of the monkeys who, furious, bites a person. The animal is immediately killed but the victim becomes enraged and throws himself on others. Twenty-eight days later, Jim (who was in a coma after an accident) wakes up at St Thomas Hospital in London .

Jim leaves the hospital and walks the streets of a totally deserted city. He enters a church and discovers there a macabre show of bodies piled up. He then draws the attention of people to the strange, red stare that begins to pursue him. He receives unexpected help from two people who take him to their shelter. His two saviors, Marc and Selena, present themselves as survivors of a disaster: a disease that turns infected people into killers has spread at an incredible speed throughout the country, has caused a mass exodus of people and the implementation quarantine of the island. Some isolated survivors still escape those who are infected with the virus of “fury”.

The next day, Jim insists on going to his parents’ house, and discovers that they killed themselves so as not to end up contaminated themselves, with a word of farewell addressed to their son. The three survivors are getting ready to spend the night in the house, but some of the infected are coming up and attacking them. Mark is wounded in the arm, and is immediately killed by Selena before he transforms.

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Movie Quality : 480P BRRip

Movie Size : 257 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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