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Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. participates in a local rap battle , led by Master of Ceremonies David “Future” Porter, Smith’s friend. During the battle, Smith is unable to speak in public in front of a microphone and leaves the competition humiliated and booed by the public.

Jimmy is a depressed young man who works in a car sheet metal factory and lives a very difficult life. He is forced to move north of 8 Mile Road in Warren where he lives in a caravan with his alcoholic mother Stephanie ( Kim Basinger ), his sister Lily and his mother’s squatter friend Greg. Jimmy is trying to get his musical career off the ground, but he seems unable to take advantage of the opportunities.

Jimmy is slowly realizing that her life has remained the same since high school. Accusing others of one’s misfortunes does not move things forward. With time, Jimmy understands that he is the only master of his destiny. He comes to doubt about his group of friends, including Future, because it seems to him that they are lost in dreams instead of trying to realize and progress. ” All we ever do is talking shit ” ( “All we do is say bullshit”), he says, when they quarrel about the best way to achieve great success in their musical careers. He decides to give up his dream of a miracle career fallen from the sky through dubious relationships in the music community to devote more time to his work at the factory and his family life. The denial of reality leaves room in Jimmy’s mind for a lucid evolution of his abilities and chances.

His factory manager realizes that Jimmy is concentrating on his job and is beginning to trust him, and he even asks Jimmy if he wants to work overtime, which Jimmy agrees. He appears more and more sure of him and when another rap battle comes, he participates, strongly encouraged by Alex.

B-Rabbit’s friends help him throughout the movie, but until this battle, the film only shows meager snippets of his talents. The tournament is three rounds, and in each of them, B-Rabbit faces a member of the Leaders of the Free World , a rival group that keeps a dent against B-Rabbit and his friends. B-Rabbit wins the first two rounds. In the latter, he is opposed to Papa Doc, titleholder and Jimmy’s main antagonist throughout the film. Rabbit anticipated the fact that Doc knew all his weak points, so he decided to denounce them himself. Rabbit shamelessly recognizes his white trash rootsand the various difficulties he had to go through, stating that despite everything, he still remains in this battle. He then plays the card of the difficult life he had to oppose that of Papa Doc who thinks he is a gangster but has a privileged life. Doc, whose real name is Clarence, was educated in Cranbrook, a private school located in Bloomfield Hills, and has lived in a stable family all his life. B-Rabbit makes a reference to Shook Ones part II of Mobb Deep by calling Papa Doc ” halfway crook “and makes the crowd hysterical. Doc remains speechless and drops his microphone: Rabbit wins the title and leaves the venue. Future suggests he stays to celebrate his victory. Rabbit refuses, saying he has to go back to work. He indicates that he must follow his own path, which Future accepts.

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