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Alice on the other side of the mirror ( Alice Through the Looking Glass ) is an American film directed by James Bobin , released in 2016 . It follows the film Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton in 2010 . Although this second album is not directed by Tim Burton, the latter is responsible for its production.

The film is inspired by the book Through the Looking-Glass ( Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There ) written by Lewis Carroll in 1872 , which itself following the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonders , by the same author, written in 1865 1 .

It’s been three years since Alice Kingsleigh followed in her father’s footsteps and sailed high seas. Returning to London after a trip to China , she learns that Hamish Ascot, her ex-fiancĂ©, has taken over her father’s company and wants Alice to sell her father’s boat in exchange for her family home. Alice follows a butterfly that she recognizes as Absolem and, while passing through a mirror, returns to Wonderland.

Alice is welcomed by the White Queen, White Rabbit , Tweedle , Loir , Mars Hare , Bayard and Cheshire Cat . They tell him that the Mad Hatter , whose real name is Tarrant Hightopp, is even crazier than usual because he misses his family. Alice tries to comfort him, but the Mad Hatter is sure his family survived the Jabberwocky attack .

The White Queen, thinking that finding the Hatter’s family is the only way to restore her health, sends Alice to visit Time to convince him to save the Hatter’s family in the past. The Queen, however, informs Alice that the story will be damaged if someone sees her self of the past or the future. Entering the Palace of Time, Alice finds the Chronosphere, an object that controls the entire time in Wonderland.

Time tells Alice that changing the past is impossible. Alice then steals the Chronosphere and returns to the past, shortly after discovering that the exiled Red Queen was in charge of Time. The Red Queen then orders Time to pursue Alice. The latter is accidentally found on the day of the coronation of Iracebeth, where a younger Tarrant mocks his deformed head, on which the crown does not go, so that it gets carried away and that his head grows. Her father judges her unfit to rule and passes the title to her younger sister, Mirana, the White Queen.

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