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Blade Runner (in some countries the relentless hunter ) is a film neo-noir and science fiction American directed by Ridley Scott , premiered in 1982 and partly based on the novel by Philip K. Dick Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ( 1968 ). It has become a classic of science fiction and a precursor of the cyberpunk genre. It was a candidate for two Oscars . The film takes place in a dystopian versionof the city of Los Angeles (changing the San Franciscooriginal of the novel), EE. UU , during the month of November 2019. The script, written by Hampton Fancher and David Webb Peoples , is freely inspired by Philip K. Dick’s novel. The cast consists of Harrison Ford , Rutger Hauer , Sean Young , Edward James Olmos , Emmet Walsh , Daryl Hannah , William Sanderson , Brion James , Joe Turkel and Joanna Cassidy ; the main designer was Syd Mead and the original music was composed byVangelis .

The film describes a future in which, through genetic engineering, artificial humans are manufactured called ” replicants “; They are employed in dangerous jobs and as slaves in the ” outer colonies ” of the Earth . These replicants, manufactured by Tyrell Corporation to be “more human than humans” -especially the “Nexus-6” models-resemble humans physically, although they have greater agility and physical strength, but lack the same emotional response and empathy .

The replicants were declared illegal on planet Earth after a bloody mutiny occurred on the planet Mars, where they worked as slaves. A special police force, Blade Runners , is responsible for identifying, tracking and killing – or “withdrawing”, in terms of the police itself – the fugitive replicants found on Earth. With a group of replicators loose in Los Angeles, Rick Deckard , the best agent that has existed in terms of detecting and withdrawing replicants, is removed from his semi-retirement to use some of “the old magic blade runner” .

In principle, Blade Runner received contradictory criticism from the specialized press. Some were confused and disappointed that it did not have the narrative rhythm that was expected from an action movie, [ citation needed ] while others appreciated its thematic complexity. [ citation needed ] The film did not get good box office results in American theaters , but it achieved great success in the rest of the world. The film became the favorite of moviegoers and the academic world, and quickly won the title of cult movie .

It was such a success as a rental tape in video stores-success due partly to the fact that the film was enriched by seeing it more than once-that it was chosen as one of the first films to be released in DVD format . Blade Runner has been widely acclaimed as a modern classic for the ambience achieved with its special effects and to advance in raising issues and concerns for the 21st century . It has been praised as one of the most influential films of all time, due to its detailed and original setting, which serves as a postmodern visual landmark with its realistic description of a future in decline. Blade Runner also allowed to put Philip K. Dickin the sights of Hollywood and since then many films have been inspired by his literary work.

He is part of the AFI’s 10 Top 10 of the American Film Institute in the category of “Science fiction films”, 2 and in the list AFI’s 100 years … 100 films (edition 10th anniversary) of the same Institute.

On October 6, 2017 its continuation with the title Blade Runner 2049 was released .

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