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“The First Avenger: Confrontation” [-1] ( Eng. Captain America: Civil War ) – superhero action film production Marvel Studios and distribution of the Walt the Disney Studios the Motion Pictures . The third film is about the adventures of the comic book character Marvel Captain America , which is the sequel to the movie ” The First Avenger: Another War ” and the thirteenth scene of the cinematic Marvel universe . The film was directed by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo , and Christopher Marcus and Stephen McPhilliewere appointed as writers. Starring: Chris Evans , Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johansson , Sebastian Stan , Jeremy Renner , Don Cheadle , Anthony Mackie , Chadwick Bozeman , Paul Bettany , Elizabeth Olsen and Daniel Brühl . According to the plot of the picture Captain America and his Avengers continue to protect the world, but after the government insisted on the law governing the activities of superhumans, the team split into two squads, one of which is commanded by Captain America, and the other by Iron Man .

The development of the painting began in 2013, when Marcus and McFly began to write the script based on the limited series of the 2006 Civil War of the authorship of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven ( Russian ) . . The Rousseau brothers were invited to lead the project after the success of the film “The First Avenger: Another War”. The official title of the film was announced in October 2014. On the same day, it became known about Downey Jr. ‘s participation , within a few months there was information about the rest of the cast. The main surveys began in April 2015 in Atlanta and ended in August 2015 in Germany.

The film “The First Avenger: Confrontation” began the Third phase of the KVM . The world premiere took place in Los Angeles on April 12, 2016, the film was released on May 5, 2016 in 3D and IMAX 3D format [3] [4] .

1991. ” Hydra ” in Siberia revives Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes – Winter Soldier – from a cryogenic state, calling the secret code that takes him under full control. He is ordered to intercept the cargo, and he goes for the car. Having arranged the accident, he takes from the trunk of the car five packages for intravenous infusion with a blue liquid inside, which, as it turned out, was an analog of Dr. Erskine’s serum.

Our days.

About a year after the defeat of Altron at the hands of the Avengers, the team in a new composition, namely: Captain America , the Black Widow , the Falcon and the Scarlet witch defeat Crossbones (Brock Ramlow, Hydra’s agent, who worked in the ITS ) during Theft of biological weapons from a laboratory in Lagos . During the battle Crossbones turns himself into a bomb, preparing to blow up others, but the explosion is held by Wanda. However, she does not have time to drop demolition at a safe distance, and explodes a few floors hospitals where people are killed, including employees of Wakanda, which increases the distrust of the international community towards the work of the Avengers.

A month later at the headquarters of the Avengers, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross reminded the Avengers of the catastrophes with which they participated: the battle for New York , the fall of STI , the disaster in Zokovia and the explosion in Lagos. He reports that the UN has developed the “Zokoviansky Treaty” – a document that implies the registration of superhumans and control over their activities. The team is divided: Tony Stark supports the contract, because he feels guilty for creating the Altronand the destruction of the Law, while Steve Rogers, not trusting the state program, believes that the Avengers must remain free people. In the midst of disputes, Steve leaves, as the message came that his love from the past, Peggy Carter , has died, and he flies to London for a funeral, where he meets Sharon Carter , Peggy’s niece, whom Peggy inspired to serve in the Sh.I.T.

Captain America refuses to support the act, Natasha Romanoff testifies to the ratification of the agreements in Vienna, during which a terrorist act takes place. Because of a powerful explosion, King Wakida, T’Chaka, dies. T’Chaki’s son, Prince T’Challa , vows to stop the murderer of his father, who is considered James Barnes. Despite Widow’s objections, Rogers and Wilson are heading for Baki’s lair in Bucharest and are trying to protect him from German special forces and a mysterious warrior in a panther suit. Rogers, Wilson, Barnes and the Black Panther, who turned out to be T’Challa, were arrested.

James Barnes is liberated by Colonel Helmut Zemo , a former officer of Zokovan special forces. Using the secret control code, he learns of his mission of December 16, 1991, and then sends the kill the Avengers. But Rogers and Falcon bring Baki to life and help him escape. Barnes explains that Zemo learned about the Death Squadron, an elite detachment of the supersoldier killers Hydra, and sent to their Siberian base.

Rogers collects the detachment: Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye , Falcon and Man-ant . Stark convinces Ross to let him arrest Rogers and Barnes. To do this, he collects Widow, Panther, Warmaster and Wizhen , and also invites in his team a new hero – a young guy from Queens Peter Parker . Stark and his squad intercept the team of Rogers at the airport in Leipzig. Tony asks Rogers to give him Barnes, but Steve refuses. The battle begins, during which Scott turns into a giant, but he is defeated by the Iron Man, Warmaster and Spider-Man, while the Black Panther fights the Hawkeye, and the Widow helps Rogers and Barnes escape. The rest of Rogers’ team is arrested, while Warmaster, instead of Sokol, accidentally injures Vigen. The Captain’s team is put into the Raft ocean prison . The injured Warmaster is diagnosed with paralysis of the entire body or lower limbs. Tony finds out that Bucky is innocent and Zemo was behind everything. Stark finds out from Wilson where Steve went, and flies there. T’Challa secretly follows him.

Stark meets with Rogers and Bucky at the Hydra facility in Siberia and reconciles with them. They discover that the Death Squadron was killed. Zemo lures the characters to the site, where he shows a video from the Hydra archive dated December 16, 1991, when Baki captured the serum. It clearly shows how Barnes pulls out and kills Howard first, and then his wife, Maria Stark. Tony is furious, but first requires a response from Rogers, whether he knew it. After receiving an affirmative answer, the Iron Man beats the Captain and rages in pursuit of Bucky, forcing Rogers to protect his friend’s life. The final battle begins, during which Stark shoots Barnes a metal hand. But Rogers fights and defeats Stark by breaking the arc reactor of his armor shield, and then leaves with wounded Bucky, leaving his shield when Tony said he did not deserve him, meaning that Steve with his help defended the murderer Howard, who gave the shield to the captain in the past. In the meantime, Zemo tells T’Challa that he sought to destroy the Avengers from within, avenging this for the death of his family in Zokovia. He regrets that King T’Chack was killed from his actions, and it becomes obvious, that Zemo is ready to accept death at the hands of the Black Panther, for he considers him a worthy man. However, Panther declares that he will not retaliate and Helmut attempts to commit suicide, but T’Challa stops him and captures him alive.

In the final, Stark gives Rowdy an exoskeleton so that he can walk again. Rogers sends a letter to Stark, where he apologizes for not telling him the truth, and explains his motives, as well as a mobile phone where Stark can contact Steve. Meanwhile, Tony comes a message about the escape of the Avengers from prison, rigged by the Captain himself.

In the scene after the credits, Steve and his team are hiding in Wakanda . Bucky, realizing that he is too dangerous, decides to return to cryogenic sleep, until someone decides how to get out of his head the code programmed to kill. In a conversation with T’Challa, Steve warns him of possible dangers if it turns out that Baki is in Wakanda, to which the Black Panther replies: “Let them try.” In the second scene, Peter recovers from injury and tests web-shooters modified by Stark. They release the holographic symbol of Spider-Man.

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