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Since Cynthia does not get pregnant with her husband Jason, they both consider divorce. To save their marriage, the two want to book holidays in a resort called “Eden”, which offers a couples therapy . The resort offers attractive group discounts, and to save money, Cynthia and Jason ask their friends to accompany them. They manage to convince three other couples (Dave and Ronnie, Joey and Lucy and the divorced Shane with his girlfriend Trudy).

Upon arrival on Eden Island, they are taken to the resort’s western side, which is reserved for couples, and are not allowed to visit the east side of the resort, which is for singles. On the first night, Concierge Sctanley informs the couples that all guests must attend therapy or leave Eden. Reluctantly, all couples appear in the therapy.

At the first session, all four couples must learn from their therapists that they have problems in their relationship. They endure the unusual methods of resort owner Marcel, such as swimming with sharks or yoga classes with the handsome yoga trainer Salvatore. On the fourth night, Trudy disappears to the east side of Eden, so the remaining seven decide to look for her. After the couples arrive on the island, men and women go their separate ways due to a dispute between Cynthia and Jason. The women meet Salvatore, who shows them the eastern side of Eden. The men meet Sctanley, the guitar heroplays and threatens to report her leaving the west side Marcel. But Dave challenges Sctanley in the game, on condition that they show them the way to Eden East in case of defeat. Dave conceals that he is also a big fan of this game, which he sells regularly and mastered by all the rules of the art. So it comes that Dave defeated Sctanley, whereupon he lives up to his promise and shows men the way.

When they arrive, Dave “kidnaps” Ronnie to spend time alone with her at the waterfall. Joey rushes into the party turmoil, but soon sees Lucy dancing with Salvatore and hits him down to be with his wife. Cynthia and Jason drink together and confess their problems. Shane meets his ex-wife on the east side of Eden who tells him that she has followed him because she still loves him. He watches Trudy, how she can “fill up” properly and enjoy the bustle. He realizes that the differences between the two are too big and ends up in friendship with her. As a result, all four couples return to Eden West, with Shane now with his ex-wife.

The next morning they meet Marcel, who sees that the couples have been working on their problems. With symbolic farewell presents he releases them from the therapy, so that the four couples can enjoy the rest of their vacation.

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