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Foxcatcher is an American sports drama by director Bennett Miller from 2014. The film is based on the true case of the multi-millionaire and ring sports sponsor John E. du Pont , who killed the wrestler David Schultz .

The film was shown in May 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival , where Bennett Miller was awarded for Best Director. The movie was released on February 5, 2015 in German cinemas.

The film was produced by Annapurna Pictures , Likely Story and Media Rights Capital .

The brothers Schultz are both successful wrestlers who already won gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games. Despite his good performances, Mark sees himself as standing in the shadow of his older brother David.

Mark is finally contacted by eccentric millionaire and sports patron John E. du Pont , who invites him to his estate in Pennsylvania, where he has built the Foxcatcher Farm , a training center for wrestlers. Du Pont asks him to become a member of the Foxcatcher team and to train for the upcoming World Championships and the next Olympics. Du Pont also wants to bring his brother David into his team. He initially rejects Ponts’ suggestion by pointing out that he does not want his wife and two children to move.

Mark accepts the offer alone. He wins a gold medal with the Foxcatcher team at the 1987 Ringer World Championships . Between the millionaire and the wrestler, a kind of friendship first develops in which Du Pont sees himself as the mentor. He also offers Schultz cocaine, which he regularly consumes. There are tensions between the two, as the wrestler sees himself increasingly exploited for the ego of the patron.

Later, Mark’s brother David joins the team as a trainer and moves with his family to Pennsylvania after the millionaire has made him a very generous offer. Mark withdraws from du Pont and also from his brother and trains largely alone. He wants to work out his own success. His brother follows his development with concern.

In the preparations for the 1988 Olympic Games, Mark loses a fight for the first time. Enraged, he destroys his hotel room and eats tons of food – with the intention of exceeding the allowed fighting weight and not being admitted to the competitions. With the support of his brother he can still qualify. At the games in Seoul, however, he can not win a victory. In the crisis, the brothers approach again. With du Pont, however, Mark divides completely. He finally leaves the team Foxcatcher.

His brother continues to live on the estate of du Ponts and trains the team. Officially, he is an assistant coach under du Pont, but he does not accept him internally as the mentor he sees himself. Dupont feels threatened by David in his leadership role and becomes lonely after the death of his mother. One day he drives to David, shoots him in his driveway and is arrested. Mark becomes MMA fighter.

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