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Fright Night is an American horror comedy from 2011 and a remake of Die ravenblack Nacht – Fright Night . The director is Craig Gillespie and the script was written by Buffy author Marti Noxon. The international film premiere took place on August 14 at the O 2 in London. In German cinemas Fright Night appeared on October 6, 2011. [2]

In the opening scene, a vampire chases and murders an entire family in their home in suburban Las Vegas .

Charley Brewster is an average teenager who has recently moved from a nerd to a group of “cool” students. When he arrives at school, his former best friend “Evil” Ed Lee makes him aware that many students have been missing recently. Charley ignores him, but Ed blackmails him to accompany him to the house of a mutual friend to see to it. The house is the same as in the opening scene.

When Charley comes home from school, his mother introduces him to new neighbor Jerry Dandrige. Charley meets with Ed, who tells him about his theory that Jerry is a vampire. Charley does not believe him and leaves. On the way home Ed is mobbed by a classmate. He manages to escape, but Jerry gets in his way and bites him. The next morning, Charley notices Ed is missing and decides to look for him in his house. There he finds Eds self-recorded videos proving that Jerry is a vampire.

Jerry starts attacking more people in the neighborhood and Charley breaks into Jerry’s home and discovers he’s trapping his victims there. Charley manages to liberate one of the victims, but the moment he leaves the house, the victim disintegrates into dust in the sunlight. Charley turns to stage magician Peter Vincent, a supposed vampire expert, who performs his show called Fright Night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino . Vincent does not take Charley seriously and throws him out so Charley is on his own.

The next night, Jerry stands in front of Charley’s front door complaining to his mother, but Charley convinces her not to open the door. Since vampires can not enter a house without an invitation, the family is safe for the time being. On the grounds that he does not need an invitation without a house, Jerry ignites the gas pipe of the house and blows it up. Charley, his mother and his girlfriend Amy Peterson just managed to escape by car. Jerry follows her with his pick-up and pushes her away from the road. As another vehicle approaches and the driver disembarks, Jerry kills him. Jerry then attacks Charley, but Charley’s mother rescues her son by pounding the peg of a shield into Jerry’s chest. She then loses consciousness because of a head injury,

Charley’s mother is in the hospital and he hangs her room full of crosses and crucifixes. Charley gets a call from Peter Vincent and he and Amy go to Vincent’s penthouse. Vincent gives Charley advice on how to beat Jerry. A parcel supplier rings the doorbell and Peter asks him. This one is Ed, who is now a vampire. Vincent immediately hides in his panic room while Ed and Charley fight. Jerry, who survived the attack of Charley’s mother, also appears, but Amy manages to shake him off with holy water. Charley kills Ed, who reassures Charley shortly before his death that it’s “okay.” Followed by Jerry, Charley and Amy run into a nightclub where they lose themselves in the crowd. Amy gets bitten and abducted by Jerry.

The next day, Charley tells Peter that he wants to defeat Jerry and asks him for help again. Peter refuses and tells him that his parents had been murdered by a vampire – later turned out to be Jerry himself. However, he gives Charley a stake that is deadly to Jerry and that turns his victims back into humans. Charley goes to Jerry’s house to fight him there, and Peter decides to help him. The two destroy the windows to let sunlight into the house.

They arrive in Jerry’s basement, where they are attacked by Jerry’s victims, including Amy, who are now vampires. Charley, who got himself a fireproof suit, lights himself to burn Jerry while he tries to stake him. Peter shoots a hole in the ceiling so that sunlight falls into the room and burns Jerry. Charley punches Jerry with the stake and kills him. Then his victims become human again.

The movie ends with Charley’s mom looking for a new home and Charley and Amy deciding to have sex in Peter’s penthouse.

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