Game of Thrones S03E01 Dual Audio 720P

Samwell Tarly, having escaped his meeting with the White Marchers, finds his brothers of the Night Watch. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont decides to return to the Wall to warn everyone of the threat ahead.

Jon Snow is brought before Mance Rayder, King of Beyond the Wall, who is quite interested in the fact that Snow killed Qhorin Mimain.

In Port-RĂ©al, Tyrion Lannister finds his father Tywin for a more than tense conversation: Tyrion claims a minimum of recognition for these actions during the Battle of the Nera and asks that he be designated as heir to Castral Roc; his older brother Jaime, having become a royal guard, could not claim the title. Tywin categorically refuses by blaming him for his taste for alcohol and prostitutes. He still resents her for “killing” her mother at birth. Meanwhile, returning from Baelor, Margaery Tyrell had the royal procession stopped at Culpucier, the poorest and dirtyest part of the city, to visit an orphanage and do charitable work, much to Joffrey’s surprise. For his part, Petyr Baelish offers Sansa a way out; he advises her to be ready when the time comes.

Davos Mervault, stranded on an island after the Battle of the Nera, is rescued by the pirate Saladhor Saan. He asks him to take him to Peyredragon. Davos discovers there Stannis completely prostrate following his defeat. He is alone with Melisandre. The latter holds Davos responsible because he persuaded Stannis not to take him to battle. Davos furiously takes out his knife but is immediately apprehended by the Stannis guards and locked up under his orders.

Robb Stark and his army arrive at Harrenhal, and discover men of the North and Conflans massacred by the soldiers of La Montagne; a single survivor: a master named Qyburn.

Having left Qarth, Daenerys Targaryen arrives aboard his ship at Astapor, a slavery town of Serfs Bay, where she wants to recruit an army. Astapor is famous for its slaves trained in the best fighting techniques. They are called, the Immaculate. Their master gives the Mother of Dragons a day to decide to buy them. Returning to her ship, she meets a little girl who gives her a wooden bullet. The ball opens and lets out a big scorpion to the mortal sting. As the creature runs towards Daenerys, a man with a hidden face stabs him before heading for the girl who magically disappears; it is sent by the Qarth Conjurators. The man with the hidden face turns out to be Ser Barristan Selmy who proposes to Daenerys.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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