Game of Thrones S03E02 Dual Audio 720P

Shae is worried about Sansa after her last conversation with Petyr Baelish. The young Stark is invited to tea with Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna Tyrell, who want to know the personality of King Joffrey.

Beyond the Wall, Mance Rayder explains to Jon Snow how he managed to gather all the savage peoples. Jon meets Orell, a change-skin, that can be introduced into any animal’s mind. During a reconnaissance by a bird, he sees the Night Guard continuing its retreat to the south.

Captured, Theon Greyjoy was imprisoned and tortured by Bolton’s men. A mysterious character warns him nevertheless that it would help him to escape.

Robb Stark’s army is heading to Vivesaigues for the funeral of Catelyn Stark’s father. Robb learns that Winterfell was destroyed by the attack of the Ferborns, who all managed to flee the scene. Bran and Rickon would be untraceable and no one knows if they are still alive. Indeed, they meet Jojen and Meera Reed. Jojen, whom Bran has already seen in his dream, teaches him that he is a “zoman”; it can also be introduced into an animal’s mind, but it also has the gift of seeing the past, the future and the present unfold elsewhere.

Arya Stark, Gendry and Tourte-Chaude continue on their way to Vivesaigues, where they hope to find refuge. They fall on a group of men belonging to the Fraternity without banner, guided by Thoros of Myr. The latter invites them to eat, however at the end of the meal, men of the Brotherhood enter the hostel bringing a prisoner: Sandor Clegane. Arya tries to flee discreetly but Le Limier recognizes her immediately.

Meanwhile, Brienne and Jaime Lannister continue their march towards Port-RĂ©al. They reach an open deck. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention, Jaime seizes a sword of Brienne, and a duel engages. In the end, the regicide, exhausted by its long captivity, can be dominated. It was then that men from Bolton, led by Locke, burst in and, recognizing Jaime, decided to capture them both to bring them back to Robb Stark.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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