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Locke and his men continue their journey with Brienne and Jaime Lannister. The latter, whose amputated hand is tied around his neck, suffers from pain and thirst. He is desperate and wants his suffering to be abridged, admitting that he is nothing without the hand holding his sword.

In Port-Réal, Tyrion finds Varys and asks him if he knows who ordered the assassination attempt against him during the Battle of Nera. Varys then decides to tell him how he was castrated and the moral of the story is interesting for Tyrion. The Whispering Master then visits Ros, who watches over Petyr Baelish. She tells him that the latter seems obsessed with Sansa and plans to make him leave the city when he leaves for the Val d’Arryn.

Meanwhile, Joffrey and Margaery visit Baelor where their wedding will take place. Margaery, who pretends from the beginning to be very interested in what Joffrey tells her, asks that Baelor’s doors be opened so that she and the King can greet the crowd. Cersei refuses, but the couple ignores him and the crowd cheers and scolds their names. Cersei, disturbed, goes to find her father and complains about the way Margaery handles his son. Tywin puts it back in place and is satisfied that someone manages to finally influence Joffrey, but that he also counted on it.

Margaery, precisely, finds Sansa in the Sacred Wood and continues to sympathize with her. She wants young Stark to marry her brother Loras.

The young man who rescued Theon Greyjoy from his pursuers explains that he drives him to Motte-la-Forêt, where he can find his sister Yara. While the young man searches for his keys to cross a grid, Theon collapses, admits that he considers Ned Stark as his real father and that he regrets his decisions. The young man leads Theon into a dark room, then lights a torch, revealing that they have actually returned to the torture chamber. Theon is again attached to a cross …

Thoros of Myr arrives at the secret quarters of the Fraternity without Banner. Arya and Gendry discover a cave with high ceilings and meet the head of the Brotherhood, Beric Dondarrion. The Brotherhood condemns Sandor Clegane to a trial by battle for all the crimes he has committed; Dondarrion will fight against him.

At Craster Manor, one of the Night Watch men succumbs to his wounds. After a funeral tribute, all gather inside where the situation becomes tense; Craster stops making fun of them and can not wait to see them go. Annoyed, Karl Tanner, a member of the Night Watch, the bastard deal and a mutiny between those who support Tanner and the others. Tanner kills Craster and Rast stabs the Lord Commander Mormont from behind. Sam runs out of chaos to escape to join Vera and her baby, and both run away.

At Astapor, Daenerys brings his biggest dragon, Drogon, to Kraznys, as their agreement provides. He was shackled, she reaches the end of the chain to Kraznys who, in return, gives him a whip symbolizing the fact that the Immaculate now belong to him. The deal is concluded. Daenerys then addresses the Immaculate and to everyone’s surprise, she speaks Valais herself … Meanwhile, Kraznys tries hard to control the dragon pulling the chain. He orders Missandei to “tell the bitch” that the dragon does not want to obey … and Daenerys turns around and answers him directly in Valyrian that a dragon is not a slave. She orders the Immaculate to kill all slavers, all who hold a whip but to spare the children and break the chains of those who wear them. The Immaculate obey immediately. Kraznys demands that Daenerys be killed, but she simply announces “Dracarys” and Drogon burns him alive immediately. Once the attack is over, Daenerys rides on a white horse and announces to the Immaculate that it releases them. She offers to leave if they wish because they are now free men … All men and support their support for Daenerys. She leaves Astapor with an entire army and her dragons flying above.

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