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Beyond the Wall, Tormund and Orell, the skin changer, ask Jon how the Night Watch defense works and how many men guard Chateaunoir. Jon replies that they are a thousand; which is wrong. Jon and Ygritte are alone afterwards, and the beautiful savage leads her into a cave where she gets naked and both make love.

In the fraternity without banners, the Limier wins his duel against Beric Dondarrion and is released despite the opposition of Arya. She discovers their faith in the “Master of the Light”, able to resurrect the dead, when, indeed, Beric returns to life after the red priest, Thoros of Myr, chanted incantations; apparently it would be the sixth time. Arya, still furious, asks if Thoros could bring back his father, to which he answers that it is impossible.

Stannis decides to visit his wife Selyse and his only daughter, Shireen. She learns that Ser Davos is imprisoned and is sad because she considers him his friend. She decides to visit him later, in secret, and bring him a book. Davos thanks her but tells him he can not read. The girl answers that she will teach him.

In Essos, Barristan Selmy and Jorah Mormont share some memories of past battles. Barristan, having served two kings, declares that he would like to have at least once in his life the pleasure of serving someone in whom he truly believes. Jorah believes that Daenerys can be this person. Barristan notes that Jorah’s presence may not be widely accepted in Westeros because he was convicted of slave trafficking, but he says that his choice falls on his queen. Meanwhile, Daenerys meets the officers of the Immaculate and discovers the appointed head: Ver Gray.

Locke summons Jaime Lannister and Brienne de Torth in front of Roose Bolton, who heads Harrenhal. The latter is not happy with the way his “guests” have been treated. Jaime is led in front of Qyburn, the man who survived the Harrenhal massacre. The latter takes care of treating his infected arm whose hand has been cut. A little later, Jaime finds Brienne washing in a large pool and joins her. He decides to make peace with her and reveals the truth about her past, including the story that led to her being called “Regicide.”

In Vivesaigues, Rickard Karstark enters the cell where young Martyn and Willem Lannister are held and murdered. Robb Stark, discovering this treachery, hangs the men who followed him before executing it in front of everyone. However, Rickard’s supporters withdraw their soldiers from Stark’s army and Robb then loses half of his men. Looking at a map of Westeros next to his wife, Talisa, he decides to attack Castral Roc, the Lannister stronghold in the Western Lands, and for that he needs to join the Frey House. However, by marrying Talisa, Robb broke the promise made with Walder Frey to marry one of his daughters.

In Port-RĂ©al, Cersei asks Baelish to inquire and find out exactly what Tyrell is cooking up. He discovers, through an intermediary, that the Tyrell want to marry Sansa to Loras. Meanwhile, Tyrion Lannister, having been appointed Grand Agent of the Kingdom, finds Olenna Tyrell to discuss the expenses of the royal wedding. They agree that each family will pay half. Ravi, Tyrion announces the news to Tywin … and discovers his father with Cersei. Tywin wants at all costs to prevent the union between Loras and Sansa because it has an important political weight: believing Bran and Rickon dead, and Robb on the verge of losing the war, Sansa would be the “key to the North”. Tywin decides to marry Sansa to Tyrion and Cersei to Loras to counter the Tyrell’s strategy, which does not please his two children at all.

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