Game of Thrones S03E06 Dual Audio 720P

In Port Royal, Tywin coerces Olenna into agreeing to marry Loras with Cersei, who reveals to Tyrion that it was Joffrey who tried to kill him during the siege. Tyrion confesses to Shae and Sansa about the upcoming wedding. Lord Baelish tells Varys that he took Ros as Varys’ informant and handed her over to Joffrey, who kills her. In the Riverlands, Melisandre buys Gendry from the Sisterhood, predicting that Arya will kill many people. Robb makes a new deal with Walder Frey, agreeing to give him Harrenhal and marry his uncle Edmure to Frey’s daughter Roslin. Lord Bolton plans to send Jaime to Porto Real, but refuses to send Brienne with him. In an unknown location, the mysterious man continues to torture Theon Greyjoy. In the north, the tension arises between Osha and Meera. Beyond the Wall, Samwell Tarly continues his journey with Gilly and his son,

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Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 463 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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