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In the Dark Ages in 517 AD, the evil Queen of Blood Vivienne Nimue unleashes a plague in England until King Arthur prevents it with the help of Ganeida, a member of his clan. Arthur uses Excalibur to dismember Nimue and hides his remains throughout England.

In present-day Tijuana, Mexico, paranormal investigator Hellboy accidentally kills missing agent Esteban Ruiz, who was turned into a vampire during a wrestling match. After hearing Ruiz’s dying words prophesying that the end is coming, Hellboy is brought back to the BPRD in Colorado. He is assigned by BPRD leader Trevor Bruttenholm, his adoptive human father, to help the Osiris Club hunt down three giants in Britain. Club seer Lady Hatton reveals that Bruttenholm was supposed to kill Hellboy when he came to the human world as a result of the Nazis. Ragna Rok project, but created it. Meanwhile, a pig-like fairy known as Gruagach is advised by witch Baba Yaga to retrieve Nimue’s limbs so she can grant her desire for revenge on Hellboy.

During the hunt, Hellboy is betrayed and nearly killed by the hunters before being ambushed by the giants. Hellboy fights and kills the giants until he faints from exhaustion, only to be rescued by a young woman, and wakes up in his apartment, recognizing her as Alice Monaghan, a means he rescued from fairies as a baby. Sending an SO19 team to retrieve Hellboy, Bruttenholm relays that Nimue’s remains have been taken and the last piece is at Osiris Club. They are introduced to agent M11 Ben Daimio, while Hellboy and Alice join the team and head to the club. Finding the club dead, Alice channels Hatton’s spirit, which reveals that Nimue seeks out Hellboy to cause the apocalypse. Nimue’s arm is stolen by Gruagach and Nimue distracts Hellboy by appealing to his frustrations, allowing Gruagach to escape.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 1.26 GB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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