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Love ( English with the original name each ), directing and screenwriting the Spike Jonze ‘s assumed, romantic drama and science fiction in 2013 from the kind of American film. His main roles include Joaquin Phoenix , Amy Adams , Rooney Mara , Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson . Theodore Twombly, portrayed by Phoenix,falls in lovewith an operating system withartificial intelligence called Samantha, which is spoken by Johansson, and is the subject of a living relationship between the two.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Jonze said he thought of making such a movie after an article about a website that he could read on the Internet and have an instant chat with a program with artificial intelligence. After concentrating on a short film called I’m Here in 2010, which contains similar themes , he concentrated on this project. Filmin filming, which took place in the middle of 2012, took place in Los Angeles and Shanghai after the first draft of the script, which was formed in about five months . Following the completion of the shootings, Johansson was included in the cast in place of Samantha Morton ‘s who made Samantha’s voice, so additional footage was made in August 2013. Filmin’s total cost was over $ 23 million.

His first show was October 12, 2013 at the New York Film Festival in Love ; Warner Bros. on 18 December . In the United States, the show was limited by six stars. In the following weeks, the number of movies showing the movie was increased, and the film remained untouched for 17 weeks. Filmin’s global revenues were $ 47.4 million. In the Rotten Tomatoes , 94% and Metacritic ‘te got a mean of 90 out of 100, Love was shown among the best films of the year by some critics who were among the best films of the year. 86th Academy Awards ‘ inHe was nominated for five categories, including Best Film , and won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay category . In addition to winning the awards in the 71st Golden Globe Awards , the 66th Writers Guild of America Awards , the 19th Critics’ Choice Film Awards, and the 40th Saturn Awards category, various awards have won awards and nominations in various categories.

Theodore Twombly ( Joaquin Phoenix ), a solitary, depressed and depressed character who lives in Los Angeles in the future , is working for a company created by professional writers who write letters to people who do not want to write or write letters. She purchases an operating system that can articulate , personalize, experience, develop and speak through time, with the aim of getting rid of the feeling of unhappiness and loneliness that her childhood friend, Catherine ( Rooney Mara ), feels about her separate life and divorce . While the operating system chooses to speak with the woman’s voice, the system calls itself Samantha ( Scarlett Johansson). When communicating with Samantha through a single earpiece, Samantha visually detects the surroundings by means of a device with a camera and a display. After a while, Samantha becomes an emotional bond and they start chatting about things like love and life. Samantha comes to be a curious and relevant person at any time that Theodore can reach, talk to, and talk to any time he wants.

The day after day is a meeting with Theodore’s friend Amy ( Amy Adams ), Theodore with Amelia ( Olivia Wilde )wants to adjust. Reluctant to make an appointment, Theodore meets Amelia with Samantha convincing her. Although the appointment is good, Amelia, who wants to see her again at the end of the night, is subjected to Amelia’s insults and leaves the pair because she does not look so warm to this desire. Theodore tells the living to Samantha and talks about the relationship between the two. During these conversations, Theodore also mentioned that she had had a little relationship with Amy during her college years and that she is now only a good friend. The relationship between Samantha and Theodore grows stronger over time, and even through sexual intercourse with voices alone. Theodore takes Samantha to the places she goes to, and starts a relationship between them.), Amy tells Theodore that he begins to live separately from his wife, divorces soon, and establishes a close friendship with the operating system that Charles left when he left the house. Theodore also confesses that Amy is running with the operating system.

Theodore, meeting with his wife Catherine in a few days in a restaurant, also talks to Catherine about his relationship with Samantha when he signs documents about divorce. Catherine accuses Theodore of not being able to deal with real human emotions, and so he says that he is connected to a “computer”. The things that Catherine says are stuck in Theodore’s mind and feel that something is missing in her life. On the other hand, Samantha, Isabella ( Portia Doubleday), suggesting a physical and more realistic sexual relationship between Theodore and himself. She also gives her own voice to the headphone in the girl and asks the Theodore to act like she is Samantha opposite. Theodore, who accepts the offer unintentionally, eventually ends up finding it strange. When Isabella leaves the house, a tense conversation with Samantha passes and a debate is taking place. Theodore, sharing with Amy that she has some drawbacks in relation to Samantha, will reconcile with Samantha after a while and get better. On the other hand, Samantha chose the best of Theodore’s letters and sent a publisher on behalf of Theodore, and the publisher agreed to write a book of these letters.

After a while, Samantha agreed that he joined a community formed by other operating systems, and with a high level of intelligence, the British philosopher Alan WattsThey share with the Theodore that they have created a formation that carries their own ideas. After meeting with Watts, Samantha starts to be more unconcerned about Theodore than to the old. Theodore, unable to reach Samantha someday, runs out of work in panic. After a few moments, Samantha says that he has updated itself with other operating systems. Theodore has spoken to thousands of people at the same time, asking if he or she has spoken to others while talking to them, indicating that they have had relationships in love with hundreds of people. While Theodore feels quite sad that he thinks the relationship between them is unique to him, Samantha expresses that his love for him is stronger and more special. On the same day Samantha, that their operating systems evolve more than humans and will cease communicating with humans in order to discover their assets. Theodore says goodbye to each other after the conversation they lie in bed, and Samantha goes. Feeling that he has changed after his experience, Theodore writes an apology and remorse letter to Catherine. After a companion operating system, Amy arrives with regret, and the two sit on the terrace of the building and watch the sunrise.

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