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The young Lisa Jorgenson, softball player , has been part of the national women’s team for twelve years. Every day he checks the team’s website for summons for the following season, but one day he finds out that he has been replaced by a new player.

So Lisa, whose life revolved completely around the world of softball, tries to turn the page by starting to meet new people. The first is Matty Reynolds, a handsome baseball player who doesn’t let a girl escape. Then thanks to Riva, his former teammate, she is contacted by George Madison, a charming career manager.

George, like her, on the other hand, is facing a bad time, being the subject of a federal fraud investigation; the first appointment, however, turns into a real disaster.

Over time, Lisa’s relationship with Matty narrows until the boy asks her to move in, and she accepts. Their story proceeds through ups and downs, until Matty makes a scene for the girl for letting a stranger enter the house without consulting him. Lisa doesn’t think about it and decides to leave. With the luggage in the middle of the street he thinks about what to do, as his apartment is still sublet, and George proposes to move in with him, but after half a day together and several cocktails a call comes from Matty, and Lisa comes back to him.

During a trip to Matty, Lisa spends the evening with George when a phone call warns him of the secretary’s delivery, so the two go to the hospital and attend the marriage proposal between the new parents.

Upon his return, Matty organizes a birthday party for Lisa, inviting George as well. George discovers that the cause of his judicial troubles is the father who had falsified documents on his behalf. George feels tormented by his possible condemnation and by his father. So, before the party, George goes to his father and tells him that he will do the jail in his place if Lisa refuses him. Matty privately asks Lisa to marry him with an expensive watch, the girl puts it on but doesn’t seem determined to accept. George goes to the party and talks to Lisa, who says that if he wants to be with him, he will wait for her outside, near the bus stop. Lisa leaves Matty and finally kisses George. George’s father seeing the kiss is happy for his son … but then he thinks back knowing he has to go to jail.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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