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Assassin Ray accidentally kills a boy during a mission. Because of this, the nervous and constantly desecrating boss Harry urgently sends Ray along with his senior colleague Ken in Bruges and tells them to wait for further instructions. Ken met with interest in the medieval city, Ray, however, gnaws a sense of guilt over the child. In the evening, Ray wanders into the movie with short actor Jimmy, and he begins to get acquainted with Chloe – a local drug distributor. The next evening, at the time of a love date, Erik, a former friend of Chloe, who was robbing tourists, was trying to rob him. Ray disarms and wounds him in the eye.

Ken, as the senior couple and responsible for Ray’s mistake, receives orders from Harry to kill Ray. In the park, an instant before the shot, Ken Ray is about to shoot himself. Ken disarms Ray, convinces him to quit crime and wait out somewhere. Ken tells Harry that he spared Ray. Offended by the refusal, according to gang rules of honor, Harry is going to take revenge on Ken and arrives in Bruges.

Ray is arrested on the train and returned to Bruges. Chloe makes a bail, and Ray is released two days before the trial. They drink beer at the bell tower. Ken and Harry meet side by side, but do not notice Ray. At the top of the bell tower, Ken refuses to fight Harry, rethinking his life. Harry decides not to kill Ken and shoots him in the leg. By chance, Eirik sees Ray and gives him to Harry, in the fight Ken is wounded in the neck. The dying Ken jumps from the belfry, having managed to warn Ray running up to him.

Ray runs to the hotel for weapons. Harry is behind him, but the hostess does not let him in to Ray. For a short conversation, so as not to offend the pregnant mistress, they agree that Ray will try to run through the window facing the canal, and Harry will try to shoot him in the canal water while he is swimming. Ray jumps onto a passing boat and Harry shoots him from a distance. Harry chases the wounded Ray to the bell tower, where Ray runs into the set. There, actor Jimmy starred in a schoolboy costume. By shooting Ray, Harry kills Jimmy. Taking Jimmy for a child, Harry, faithful to principles, shoots himself in the mouth. Ray is carried into the ambulance. The finale is open – Ray’s behind-the-scenes voice discusses what he would do if he got out of Bruges, which reminds him of hell.

However, the printed script of the film had an additional scene, which was not included in the on-screen version of the film, in which Ray appears alive at home in London. Following the principle, Ray again decides to shoot himself. He cockes when a telephone rings suddenly. This concludes the final scenario of the script. [3]

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Movie Quality : 480P BRRip

Movie Size : 270 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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