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The Irish hitmen Ray and Ken are traveling just before Christmas at the behest of their patron Harry from London to Bruges. There they are supposed to go underground for a while after an assassination attempt they have made. They settle in a small hotel and wait for Harry’s call. To pass the time, they will visit medieval buildings in the historic center of Bruges. Ray, the younger of the two, detests the city-like city and is bored and annoyed, while the older Ken is impressed by her beauty and history.

Filming is taking place in the city, where Ray meets Chloë, who sells drugs to the actors. She leaves him her business card. Ray suffers from feelings of guilt, for his first assassination attempt for Harry went awry: in addition to the target person, a priest, he accidentally shot in the church a little boy praying behind the priest. What Ray does not know is that Harry wants to treat him to some nice days in Bruges before he lets him shoot Ken. Harry, father of several children, has his principles: he loves children, and the murder of a child is an unforgivable violation of his code of honor.

On a first date between Chloe and Ray in a restaurant, a tourist couple complains about Chloë, who purportedly blows her cigarette smoke intentionally in her direction. Ray considers the couple to be Americans he does not like. It comes to a fight, Ray hits the man and then the woman down. Chloë takes Ray to her apartment, where they come closer. Chloë’s ex-boyfriend Eirik turns up at gunpoint. It comes to a fight in which Eirik can take off his loaded with blank cartridges from Ray’s gun, with which Ray immediately fires him in the face. It turns out that Chloë with drugsacts and robs inattentive tourists with Eirik. Chloë brings Eirik to the hospital because of his eye, which was injured by the shot in the face, and lets him be treated. Meanwhile, Ken receives a phone call from Harry, who orders him to get a revolver from a weapons dealer in Bruges and then shoot Ray. Ray and Ken meet in a bar that same evening, in which they meet the short-lived American actor Jimmy, who is engaged in filming in the city. Together with two prostitutes and drugs stolen by Ray from Chloe’s apartment, they spend the evening together.

As Ken follows his depressed and guilty partner Ray the next day to Koningin Astrid Park and makes the appearance of killing Ray with the gun he received at the weapon dealer, he sees Ray as Eirik’s now sharply-charged weapon hit his head stops to kill himself, Ken stops him at the last moment – as an Irishman and a faithful Catholic, he rejects suicide. Instead, he puts Ray on the next train to give him a chance at a new life. He reports this to Harry on the phone, who then rushes to Bruges to take matters into his own hands. On the train, Ray, who was recognized by the tourist couple from the restaurant, is arrested by the police, and Ray is horrified to discover that the two are Canadians and not Americans. He is taken back to Bruges and released from prison because Chloë pays the bail.

Meanwhile, Harry has arrived in the city. He finds Ken, whom he also wants to kill because he did not execute his orders. The two climb the belfry in the late eveningfrom Bruges, where they want to duel with pistols without witnesses. However, Ken explains how much he is grateful to Harry for worshiping, even loving him and for accepting any punishment but not fighting against him. Harry then shoots him in the leg and then supports him on the way back down the stairs. Ray and Chloë are sitting in love on the forecourt of the Belfry. Eirik discovers them and runs up the tower to betray them to Harry. As Harry storms Ken wants to hold him, but Harry squeezes the gun and hits Ken in the neck. He hurries down to kill Ray. With his last strength, Ken drags himself back onto the viewing platform, heaves himself over the parapet and falls down. Just before he dies, he can warn Ray about Harry.

Ray escapes to his hotel on foot, and Harry follows him, shooting Ray several times. Ray tries in vain to convince the highly pregnant hotel owner Marie to leave the hotel. Then he packs his things in the room and puts in his pistol. Harry has now arrived at the hotel and wants to gain access to Ray’s room with the weapon. But the hotel owner gets in his way. She blocks him successfully because Harry could never do anything to a child. From above, Ray also realizes he could only kill Harry if he accepted the woman’s death. He then negotiates with Harry and they agree that Ray will jump out the window into the channel while Harry tries to kill him on the canal; He should spare the hotel owner for that. Both keep the agreement.

Ray hauls himself heavily injured on a film set, where even the little Jimmy is present. There, Harry finally places the injured Ray and shoots him another three times. With one shot of his dum-dum ammunition he accidentally hits the behind Ray Jimmy in the head. Since Jimmy is wearing a school uniform for the shoot and his head is completely disfigured, Harry thinks he also killed a child. True to his principles, Harry then puts the gun in his mouth and kills himself. Ray is heavily wounded loaded into an ambulance. With Ray’s sentence “I’ve wished that I would not die!” Ends the film. Whether Ray survives remains open.

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