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452 g. e. Young Sarmatians leave their native lands. A year earlier, their fathers fought in the battle on the Catalunian fields , and the Romans, shocked by their courage, saved their lives. But in return, these warriors pledged to give their children to serve in the Roman cavalry .

Young Sarmatians are taken to Britain, to the Roman bastion on Adrian’s Val , where they meet their future commander, young Arthur Cast or Arthur . His father died in battle, and the heresiarch Pelagius was engaged in raising the boy , who preached free will and the right of people to self-determination.

15 years have passed since then, and by 467, Arthur and the Sarmatians, with their exploits, gained great fame among the Romans and Britons. Of those who arrived on the island, Lancelot , Tristan , Gawain , Galahad , Bors and Dagonet remain alive. Although many of them, especially Bors, are little similar to the Romans, Arthur was able to instill in them a spirit of nobility, loyalty and brotherhood .

The service life of the Sarmatian warriors is over, and in this regard, the Bishop of Germany arrives in Britain from Rome . On the way to the fortress, the bishop’s escort is attacked by the Picts rebels led by the druid Merlin , with whom the Sarmatians cope without much difficulty. Arthur’s warriors dream of a long-awaited freedom and a distant home, while Arthur himself is looking forward to leaving for Rome and meeting with Pelagius.

In the fortress in the council hall, Germany informs Arthur and the soldiers that due to the threat of the barbarians, the emperor and pope decided to leave Britain , and that a huge Saxon army was approaching the wall from the north. Sarmatians take the news painfully, because they know that the Saxons are brutal barbarians who destroy everything in their path, sparing neither women nor children; the departure of the Romans from Britain made the struggle with the Picts and the death of comrades in vain. Finally, the bishop shows the soldiers letters of release from service, but first asks him to leave alone with Arthur. And when the soldiers departed to celebrate the end of the service, Germanium tells Arthur that before receiving letters, one more assignment must be fulfilled: the Sarmatians should take the family of the papal envoy Maria out of the settlement north of the wall, since Alekto, the only son of Mary, should head the church . Arthur is forced to agree, because without Sarmatian letters they will be persecuted throughout the empire as deserters.

Warriors are having fun in the tavern, although they have no idea (especially Bors, who managed to give birth to more than a dozen children in Britain), what they will do after returning. When Arthur informs the soldiers of a suicidal mission, they are indignant, but agree to carry out the assignment.

In the north of Britain, at that time, an army of Saxons led by Kerdick landed and went south . From the Pictish Defector, the Saxons receive maps of the area and learn about the Adrian Val, Arthur and the settlement of the papal envoy. To contain Kinrick’s son’s claim of leadership, Kerdik decides not to kill the Romans, but to take them hostage in order to demand an ransom from the empire.

In the morning, Arthur with the soldiers leaves for the north. In the forest, the Sarmatians are ambushed by the Picts , who, however, leave them alive, retreating at the call of the horn, collecting the advice of the tribal leaders. At the council, one of the scouts brings a Saxon knife with runes and reports of thousands of soldiers going against them. Merlin, realizing that the Picts tactics are useless against the Saxons, decides to ask Arthur for help.

After the arrival of the Sarmatians, the family of the papal envoy is preparing to leave the settlement. Arthur, sending Tristan for reconnaissance, sees a half-dead old man in chains, who turns out to be the village headman. He learns from a local resident that Mari punished the headman for asking him to leave more starving grain for the starving village; the inhabitants themselves were afraid to argue with the “messenger of God” Mary, fearing for this heavenly punishment. Arthur frees the headman, advising all the villagers to go to the shaft of Hadrian.

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