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Law Abiding Citizen is a film American of 2009 directed by F. Gary Gray . The film was written by Kurt Wimmer and starred Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler . The movie is set in Philadelphia .

Two thieves, Clarence Darby ( Christian Stolte ) and Rupert Ames ( Josh Stewart ) enter the home of Clyde Shelton ( Gerard Butler ), whom they gag. The two thieves rape and kill his wife and daughter. After the two thieves are caught, Clyde discovers that they are only going to receive a lesser sentence, since there was an error of the forensics that compromised the evidence. Clyde asks the prosecutor, Nick Rice ( Jamie Foxx ), to take the case to trial, but to maintain his reputation of 96% of judgments won he does not. Rice makes a deal with Darby, who was the one who really violatedto Shelton’s wife and daughter, and is charged with third degree murder. His accomplice is sentenced to death. Ten years later, Ames is going to be executed by lethal injection . Due to a chemical alteration in the compounds that he injected (caused by Clyde), he suffers an extremely painful death. Initial evidence points to Darby as the prime suspect. However, before the police can find him, Darby is alerted by mobile phone of a stranger who helps him escape. But this really is a trap of Shelton, who takes him to an abandoned building, where he dismembers him . Police find Darby’s remains and proceed to arrest Shelton quickly.

Rice meets with Shelton in prison and tries to get a confession. Shelton promises to give him one in exchange for a luxury mattress for his cell. Rice, frustrated, accepts. At his parole hearing , Shelton uses several precedents to convince Judge Laura Burch (Annie Corley). However, before the judge accepts her request, Shelton launches a speech against the judicial system that defends legal twists and turns about justice, so the judge denies his request and remains in jail.

Rice gives Shelton his mattress and receives his confession of the murders of Darby and Ames. Shelton offers another deal: a luxury meal (which must be delivered at exactly 1 pm), in exchange for the life of Bill Reynolds ( Richard Portnow ), Darby’s lawyer. However, the food is delayed 8 minutes, and Shelton, however, agrees to give the coordinates of the location of the Bill. However, when they arrive at the place they discover that he had died for those 8 minutes of delay in the meal. Meanwhile, Shelton murders his cellmate with the bone of the steak he had ordered at lunch, so he is isolated in a maximum security cell.

Rice discovers, through a snitch, that Shelton had worked in covert operations for the CIA . Rice confronts Shelton, who tells him that the murders are not for revenge but to show the failure of the judicial system. He also tells him that if they do not release him at 6 am, everyone who works for the prosecutor’s office will die. When the time comes, nothing happens, but when they get into their vehicles, all except Rice, they explode, including her assistant Sarah Lowell ( Leslie Bibb ). After the funeral, a remote-controlled robot kills District Attorney Jonas Cantrell ( Bruce McGill ) and his escort.

Initially, Rice believes that Shelton has an accomplice outside the prison, but discovers that Shelton was the owner of a building next to the jail. When he visits the place, he finds a tunnel that goes to the isolation cell in which Shelton is locked and at that moment is empty. He also finds details of a plan to blow up a napalm bomb at the Philadelphia City Hall . Rice finds the bomb, but can not turn it off. Rice waits for Shelton in his cell, who is surprised when he returns. Shelton offers him a last deal, but Rice does not accept it.

Shelton detonates the bomb, unaware that Rice hid it under her bed. Rice leaves the cell quickly and Shelton dies cremated. The film ends with Rice attending a musical recital of his daughter, something he had never been able to do before to be busy with his work.

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