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Lucy is a French action and science fiction film directed by Luc Besson from the year 2014 with Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles. In Germany , the theatrical release was on August 14, 2014. The plot of the film is based largely on the ten-percent myth .

The film begins with the following prologue: An ancestor of anatomically modern humans ( Homo sapiens ), possibly an Australopithecus afarensis , draws drinking water from a lake. A female voice can be heard from the off : “A billion years ago, life was given to us. What did we do with it? “

The 25-year-old US – student Lucy lives in Taiwan . Her friend Richard, whom she met recently, tries to persuade her to hand over a suitcase of unknown content to Korean gangster boss Mr. Jang. When she refuses, he handcuffs her to the suitcase, which contains a novel drug – synthetic CPH4. The gangsters shoot Richard outside the hotel, where the transfer is to take place. Against her will, Lucy is taken to Yang’s hotel room, where she and three men are each implanted a package containing the drug in the abdomen. The CPH4 is intended to be smuggled to Europe in this waybecome. One of Jiang’s henchmen explains to the bodypackers that his criminal organization has extensive knowledge of the relatives of each involuntary smuggler, and that disobeying the assignment would have consequences.

Lucy finds herself chained up in a container where one of Yang’s minions enters her abdomen as a result of a fight. This bursts the package and the drug is partially released in her body. This makes the performance of your brain soar. The substance causes Lucy to use more and more parts of her “brain capacity”. Her intelligence increases and she gains complete control of her body, allowing her to kill her captors and escape from captivity.

Her more and more rational mindset sets Lucy apart from ethical standards, her humanity and emotionality. In a hospital in Taipei , she invades an operating room and shoots a patient on the operating table after realizing that he has no chance of survival for self-care. It forces the surgeon to remove the drug package. Then she makes the plan to get the other three packages. To do this, she invades Jiang’s hotel and uses telepathy to extract the destinations of the remaining drug couriers from Jiang’s memory.

In her apartment, Lucy starts investigating her condition. Within a few hours she researches all the knowledge about brain research. She then contacted the scientist Samuel Norman in Paris, a pioneer in the use of larger parts of the brain. Meanwhile, she has gained the ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves, and she awakens Norman’s interest by controlling electrical devices in her vicinity during the phone call. She also talks to the Paris police officer Pierre del Rio, whom she sends information about the drug couriers to arrest her at her destinations and transfer her to France. Then she flies to Paris. During the flight, the CPH4 concentration diminishes in Lucy’s body, causing it to begin to dissolve.

Lucy awakes chained and sedated in a police hospital. Through her abilities, sedation proves ineffective. She freed herself, put a whole police unit in a deep sleep and persuaded Del Rio to drive her to the hospital where the three drug couriers are. There, Jang’s minions killed the police and are about to remove the drug packages. Lucy arrives and takes the drugs packages off the gangsters with their now-developed telekinetic abilities. Afterwards, she travels with del Rio to the university to meet with Professor Norman. As Jang tracks her, del Rio asks for reinforcements to protect Lucy while taking all CPH4 to increase her brain output to 100%. While the gangsters deliver a shootout with the police, Lucy goes through a metamorphosis in which her body incorporates all the lab equipment to create a novel computer. Lucy does oneTime travel to the origins of the universe. On this journey she meets her namesake Lucy , the pre-human shown in the prologue. The encounter is similar to the iconography of Michelangelo’s fresco ” The Creation of Adam ” in the Sistine Chapel .

Finally, the gangsters put the police out of action with a missile and Jang gains access to the lab. Just before he can shoot Lucy, she dissolves into air, using del Rio’s amazement and shooting him. Only her clothes and the supercomputer created by her remain. From this manifests a USB stick that Professor Norman deducts, then the computer breaks down. Del Rio asks Norman about Lucy’s whereabouts, whereupon the policeman’s cell phone receives the message ” I AM EVERYWHERE ” (English for “I am everywhere”).

The film ends with a look from above on the dead Jang, who sits in the swivel chair, and Lucy’s voice from the off: “The life was given to us a billion years ago. Make something out of it! “

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