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Lucy is a film French of action and science fiction of 2014 written and directed by Luc Besson and produced by EuropaCorp and Groupe TF1 . 1 The shooting took place in Taipei , 2 3 4 5 Paris and New York . 6 7 The film is played by Scarlett Johansson , whose character is forced to exercise ” mule ” for a Korean mafia that intends to introduce a powerful designer drug into pockets of kilo that, when bursting inside your organism, provokes in it some physical as well as psychic abilities.

The premiere took place on July 25, 2014 8 and was a blockbuster after collecting more than 450 million dollars against the 40 million budget of the film, 9 being the third highest grossing production focused on a woman by behind Wanted and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider , both starring Angelina Jolie . In August of the same year 2014 it surpassed in box office the two films previously mentioned, becoming the number one.

Lucy Miller ( Scarlett Johansson ) is a young American who resides in Taiwan and whose friend tricks her into delivering a briefcase. What Lucy does not know is what this briefcase contains or that her receiver is a Korean mobster calling Jang ( Choi Min-sik ), who intends to introduce a new drug in the western market : CPH4. This substance is generated during pregnancy to achieve the rapid growth of the baby’s bones and muscles. As with three other strangers, Lucy is retained and a bag with this drug is introduced into her abdomen. Unlike the other three retained, Lucy defends herself from an attempt of abuse by one of her captors and this one hits her and the bag with drugs breaks down, spreading through her bloodstream and changing her forever. Suddenly, he is able to use 40% of his brain activity. That is, he is able to speak and write Chinese , remember the smells of his first days of life and even when he goes to a hospital to have his drug bag removed he does not need anesthesia since his brain controls the pain.

Before going to that hospital manages to escape from the place where she was held, Lucy goes to this hospital to have her bag removed from inside. The surgeon explains what the drug consists of and is surprised that Lucy is still alive. The girl decides to inform the European police of the identity of the other three muleteers , because she needs to get the other three bags of drugs before the Korean mobsters. For her part, Lucy contacts with professor Samuel Norman ( Morgan Freeman ) to help her answer the question that has been formulated as a research question and after reading all her studies in a few minutes: what is the human being able to do when use 100% of your brain capacity?

Already on the plane to Paris, where he has been quoted with Professor Norman, the percentage Lucy uses of his brain is 60%. After drinking a glass of champagne , incompatible with the cellular reproduction that is experiencing thanks to the drug, Lucy begins to disintegrate. He manages to avoid it by using more drugs and it is when he arrives at the Charles de Gaulle airport that he gets in touch with police captain Pierre del Río ( Amr Waked ) to help him recover the bags. The percentage that Lucy uses of her brain activity already exceeds 60% and is capable of telepathically incapacitating both the French gendarmeslike the gangsters who persecute the couple. That is why he manages to recover the remaining bags with the drug and meet with Professor Norman in a laboratory, in which Lucy informs them of everything he knows. At the same time, there is a shoot-out between police officers, security members and Jang’s men.

While talking to the scientist about the origins of time and life and about how people distort reality, Lucy asks Norman’s colleagues to inject the four bags intravenously to achieve 100% brain capacity. . When that happens, they will give you all the information so they can investigate it. Because when that happens, Lucy will die. As a result, his body enters a metamorphosis in which it is transformed into a dark matter that is expanded by the laboratory in search of all kinds of energy: Lucy is absorbing it to build an object capable of storing all its information. In this process, the protagonist acquires the faculty of physically traveling in space-time, with which he retreats thousands and then millions of years, until he comes face to face with the first Lucy : the first hominid on the face of the earth who is known and who was named at the beginning of the film. Your journey continues until you reach the Big Bang , while reaching 100% of the use of your brain.

At this moment Mr. Jang enters the scene and shoots him. However, his attempt to end it is vain when in the real universe disappears in space-time leaving only the clothes. Stunned by what he has just witnessed, Jang is killed by Del Rio and dies. Out of danger, Norman sees how Lucy’s body has transformed into a kind of huge monolithic figure holding a pen drive before vanishing completely. When Del Rio asks for her, he receives a message in which he reads: ” I am everywhere .”

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