Luke Cage S01E06 Dual Audio 720P WebRip

Scarfe blackmail Stokes, but he is seriously wounded and must flee. He asks Cage for help and gives him a notepad with Stokes’s evidence. Cage contacts Claire Tample, who provides Scarfe’s wounds. Meanwhile, another Stokes man, Lieutenant Perez has the job of finding and killing Scarfe. Knight tells him that Perez is working for Stokes, recording his admission and arresting him. Cage, Temple and Scarfe are trying to get to the police station to let Scarfe testify, but they are being hunted down by Stokes’ people. Scarfe dies from previously wounded wounds near the police station. During this time, Dillard gives an interview on television, where the reporter asks about her involvement in Stokes’ actions. Stokes is arrested thanks to the evidence from Scarfe’s notebook.

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Movie Quality : 720P WebRip

Movie Size : 548 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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