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At the time when Temple took Cage by ambulance, they are again attacked by Stryker. They protect themselves in a women’s clinic, where Temple examines Cage’s tissue to get rid of the bullet fragments. Candance Miller, a waitress at Stokes club, testifies to the police that Cage killed Stokes, but Knight begins to suspect Dillard. Knight calls Cage and informs him about the accusation of murder, while another policeman traces his location. Knight arrives at the clinic with the intention of arresting Cage, but the clinic is attacked by Stryker. Cage recognizes him from his youth when Stryker blames him. Cage finds Stryker in an empty theater, overpowers him, but Stryker manages to escape. Dillard pays Miller for a testimony against Cage. Temple testifies at the police station that Cage is innocent, upset Knigt attacks her, as a result of which her superior, Priscilla Ridley, intervenes and Temple is released. Stryker confronts Cage, informs him that he is his brother and hurts him again “Judas” and throws him in a garbage truck.

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Movie Quality : 720P WebRip

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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