Luke Cage S01E10 Dual Audio 720P WebRip

Temple and Burstain restore Cage’s heartbeat and ultimately manage to pull the shards of “Judas” out of his body. Cage learns that he was chosen for the experiment before he was seriously wounded in Seagate prison. He and Temple discover in Connors data files that she is the person who qualified him for the experiment. Stryker kills a policeman, figuring he’s Cage. The police are becoming more and more aggressive in search of Cage, which causes one of the detectives to beat teenagers Lonnie Wilson. Dillard shows support for the boy and organizes a rally in “Harlem Paradise”. Cage threatens Burstain not to repeat the experiment, then leaves the Temple and takes the data. However, it turns out that Burstain managed to copy data files. Dillard during the rally underlines Cage’s guilt and the need to arm the police against him. Her party colleague, Damon Boone, informs her that she knows the truth. Cage and Temple appear in “Harlem Paradise,” and Knight arrives there with the intention of arresting Stryker, who begins to shoot at her. Cage joins in and tries to escape with Knight, but they are surrounded by Stryker’s mercenaries.

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Movie Quality : 720P WebRip

Movie Size : 492 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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