Luke Cage S01E12 Dual Audio 720P WebRip

Cage manages to escape from the police convoy. Knight tries to locate Stryker and clean up Cage’s name. Stryker pays bail to Alveraza and then hires Zip and his men to kill him, but Alvarez kills them. Public opinion is again on Cage’s side, but the police are still trying to arrest him. Miller meets Knight and tells her that he will testify against Dillard in exchange for protection. Knight hides her in the apartment of Soledad Tepmle. Alvarez meets Dillard and suggests collaborating with Cage to defeat Stryker. To convince Cage, Alvarez wants to use the evidence he has obtained for Lucas’ innocence. Cage finds Berrett, who works with Stryker and forces him to reveal the location of Stryker. Colon and his men attack Stryker, but he manages to defeat them and escape. Cage reaches the place and saves the wounded Colon. When Alvarez and Dillard try to convince Cage to collaborate with Pop’s hairstylist, Stryker attacks Cage in a special suit. Knight sets off after Dillard and Alvarez, and Cage begins to fight Stryker.

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Movie Quality : 720P WebRip

Movie Size : 639 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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