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n of Steel” ( English Man of Steel ) – a fantastic action movie directed by Zach Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan in the script by David Goyer , based on comics about the Superman publisher DC Comics . It is the restart of a series of films about Superman and describes the origin of the character. It was the beginning of the cable car , developed by DC Comics . The role of Superman is played by Henry Cavill , Lois Lane – Amy Adams , and General Zoda -Michael Shannon . The film was released in the United States on June 14, 2013, in Russia – June 20, 2013 [2] [3] .

On the planet Krypton , whose nucleus is approaching the explosion, scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara Lor-Wan are born the son of Kal-El , who for the first time in many years was born in an artless way. The Supreme Council of Krypton captures General Zod ( Michael Shannon ) and announces a coup. Jor-El steals Code Growth, puts it in Kal-El’s body and sends the ship to Earth , putting projection of the consciousness in the electronic key .

The scientist himself is dying in the battle with General Zod. The revolt is suppressed, the general and his officers sentenced to 300 cycles of somatic rebuilding and sent to the Phantom Zone. Before sending Zod tells Lara that she will find her son, and Krypton explodes. Kal-El goes to the USA , it is accepted by the Jonathan family ( Kevin Costner ) and Martha Kent ( Diane Lane ) and gives out for her own son.

33 years later, Kal-El ( Henry Cavill ), known as Clark Kent, helps people in danger and remembers his childhood years when he first appeared supernatural abilities.

At this time, the military finds an alien ship under the ice on the island of Ellesmere , where Clark and journalist Lois Lane ( Amy Adams ) is heading . At night Clark melts the ice with thermal vision and falls under the attack of the defensive systems of the ship. Lois follows him and also gets under attack, but the hero saves her. In the ship he electronically activates the projection of his real father, which reveals his name and history. Clark finds and puts on his super-suit, learns the flight and soars into the sky.

Lois, by investigating Clark’s life and stories of how he saved the lives of people, finds the grave of Jonathan Kent, where Clark comes and tells her his story.

Zod arrives in Earth’s orbit and threatens the whole world with the destruction of the planet in the event of the non-extradition of citizen Krypton Cal-El. Clark flies to Edwards Air Force Base and surrenders, and the FBI detains Lois for her interest in the stranger. In the desert, the military passes Clark to Zod’s assistant Faore-Uhl, who demands that Lois also go with them.

The atmosphere of Krypton on the ship of Zod visibly weakens Clark and his abilities disappear. On the ship, Zod tells Clark who he is, what his father was, and how they got here: Zod and his team freed themselves from the Phantom Zone after the destruction of Krypton and searched the 33-year-old Krypton outposts in outer space and found weapons, equipment, along with a terraforming generator. Then they catch the signal of Clark’s ship and go to Earth. Zod invites him to restore Krypton on Earth, but receives a refusal. Jor-El’s intelligence, which activated Lois, helps her escape in a capsule to Earth, and Clark – to regain strength. Zod with a small detachment arrives at the Kent farm in search of the Code. Clark damages his mask, and weakened by the Earth’s atmosphere, he recedes, while Clark fights with Faora and another Zod soldier. Both are forced to retreat.

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