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Rendezvous with Joe Black (Original Title: Meet Joe Black ) is an American feature film directed by Martin Brest from 1998, in which Death in Human Form ( Brad Pitt ) asks a dying billionaire ( Anthony Hopkins ) to help him To get to know life.

The major entrepreneur William Parrish hears a few days before his 65th birthday after a heart attack a strange voice that reminds him of the approaching death. At the same time, his daughter Susan meets a young man in a café, who soon dies as a pedestrian in a traffic accident. But Susan does not notice that.

It turns out that the voice belongs to death, which wants to use the body of the young man to indefinitely dwell among the people. Parrish is to serve him as a leader and may continue to live as long as the stay of death on earth remains interesting.

The death is to live in the circle of the family, the relatives he is introduced as Joe Black. He falls in love with Parrish’s daughter Susan, who works as a doctor. Susan is with Drew, Bill’s right-hand man at Parrish Communications. Drew is also on the board, as is Quince, the husband of Parrish’s older daughter. There is a merger between “Parrish Communications” and another major corporation. Drew finds the behavior of Parrish increasingly strange and creates suspicion that Joe caused him to break the merger. Drew then arranges a secret meeting with the Supervisory Board without Bill Parrish. After Bill again rejected the merger, the Supervisory Board invokes an article in the articles of association, after the Parrish to its 65. Birthday as chairman resigns and only represents. The majority of the board agrees to Parrish’s dismissal.

It comes to the dispute between Joe and Parrish, who accepts his own death, but fears for the life of his daughter. Parrish is worried that Joe could take Susan with him after the end of his visit. An old, cancer-stricken African-American and Susan’s female patient recognizes death in human form. Just before she is fetched to death, she asks Joe not to take Susan with her.

Joe Black helps Parrish at his birthday party to save his business – his life’s work – from being smashed. He gives himself during a telephone conference with the supervisory board as an employee of the tax authoritiesand Drew, who has threaded through an intrigue the sale of the company to enrich themselves, to speech. He confesses his actions, after which the supervisory board, who overheard everything, drops the planned sale, dismisses Drew and rehabilitates Parrish. Finally, Joe takes Parrish with him to the afterlife, but leaves the young man’s body in this world. He knows nothing of his identity as Joe Black and can not remember the events from the traffic accident to the return. Susan already realized during the party that Joe is not the same guy from the café. So this and Susan can get to know each other again.

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