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After a government agency first made contact with aliens in 1961 , foreign refugees live secretly on Earth , mostly disguised as humans in the New York Metropolitan Region . The MIB – Men in Black is an ultra-secret agency that monitors these aliens, protects the Earth from intergalactic threats and uses neuralyzers (dispostivos) to erase the memoryto keep the alien activity a secret. Black men and agents have their former identities erased, and retired agents are neuraliated, receiving new identities. After an operation to arrest an alien criminal near the Mexican border by agents K and D , D decides he is already too old for his job. K (one of the founders of MIB) neuralizes him and starts looking for a new partner.

New York Police Department officer James Darrell Edwards III pursues a supernaturally quick and agile suspect at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum . The Men in Black and Agent K James interview about his meeting after the neuralizam and leave him a business card with an address. Edwards goes to the address and goes through a series of tests, for which he finds unusual solutions. While the other candidates are neuralized, K offers Edwards a position in the Men in Black . Edwards accepts and his identity is erased, making him Agent J , the newest recruit in Men in Black .

In upstate New York, a giant alien falls illegally on Earth and kills a farmer named Edgar to use his skin as a cover. The alien enters a New York restaurant and kills two aliens disguised as humans. He takes a container from them, looking for something, but finds only diamonds inside. After reading about the incident in a tabloid magazine , K investigates the forced landing and concludes that Edgar’s skin was taken by a bug , a kind of aggressive alien and roach- like.. He and J go to a morgue to examine the bodies the insect killed. Inside a body, they discover a dying Archillian alien who says that “to avoid war, the galaxy is in Orion’s belt .” The foreigner, who used the false name Rosenberg, was a member of the Archillian royal family; K fears that his death could trigger a war.

Frank, a pug-disguised alien who is an informant for Men in Black , explains that the lost galaxy is a huge source of energy housed in a small gem. J deduces that the galaxy is hanging on the collar of Rosenberg’s cat , Orion, who refuses to leave his body in the morgue. J and K arrive as soon as the insect picks up the galaxy and kidnaps coroner Laurel Weaver. An Arquillian battleship fires a warning shot at the Arctic and delivers an ultimatum to the Men in Black : either returning the galaxy within a “galactic standard week”, or within an hour, within Earth’s time, they will destroy the planet.

The insect arrives at the observation towers of the 1964-65 New York World ‘s Fair pavilion at Flushing Meadows , which disguises two flying saucers , where Laurel escapes from its clutches. He escapes a disc, but K and J knock him down and the ship crashes into Unisphere . The insect loosens Edgar’s skin and swallows J and K’s weapons. K teases the insect until it is also swallowed. The insect tries to escape the other ship, but J slows it down by teasing it and crushing cockroaches, irritating it. K releases the insect inside, having found his weapon inside his stomach . J and K recover the galaxy and are about to be attacked by the insect again, but Laurel fires with J’s weapon.

At Men in Black’s headquarters , K tells J that he did not train him as a partner, but to be his replacement. K says goodbye before being self-willed. K returns to its life civil and Laurel J becomes the new partner, the agent L .a

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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