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After a government agency makes the first contact with aliens in 1961, extraterrestrial refugees live secretly on Earth disguising themselves as humans in the New York metropolitan area. The Men in Black are a secret agency that monitors these aliens, protects the Earth from intergalactic threats and uses neuralizers that erase memory to keep extraterrestrial activity secret. Men in Black agents have their previous identities erased, and retired agents are neuralized and given new identities. After an operation to arrest an alien criminal named Mikey near the Mexican border by agents K and D, D decides that he is too old for his job, which leads K to neuralize him in order to retire.

New York Police Department officer James Darrell Edwards III pursues a supernaturally fast and agile suspect at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Impressed, K interviews James about his encounter, then neuralizes him and leaves him a business card with an address. Edwards goes to the address and undergoes a series of tests, for which he finds unorthodox solutions, including a rational deduction in a shooting test. While the other candidates, who are military-grade, are neuralized, K offers Edwards a position with the Men in Black. Edwards accepts and his identity and civil life are erased when he becomes Agent J.

In northern New York State, an alien lands illegally on Earth and kills a farmer named Edgar to use his skin as a disguise. In charge of finding a device called “The Galaxy”, the alien Edgar enters a restaurant in New York and finds two aliens (disguised as humans) who are supposed to have the device in their possession. He kills them and removes a container from them, but he gets angry when he finds only diamonds inside. After learning about the incident in a sensationalist magazine, K investigates the forced landing and concludes that Edgar’s skin was taken by an “insect,” a kind of aggressive cockroach-like aliens. He and J head to a morgue to examine the bodies that killed the insect. Inside a body (which turns out to be a piloted robot) they discover a dying Arquillian alien, who says that “to avoid war, the galaxy is in the Orion belt.” The alien, who used Rosenberg’s name, was a member of the Arquillian royal family; K fears that his death may trigger a war.

Black Men informant Frank the dog, an alien disguised as a pug, explains that the missing galaxy is a massive energy source housed in a small jewel. J deduces that the galaxy hangs on the collar of Rosenberg’s cat, Orion, who refuses to leave the body in the morgue. J and K arrive just when the insect takes the galaxy and kidnaps the coroner, Laurel Weaver ( Linda Fiorentino ). Meanwhile, an Arquillian warship fires a warning shot in the Arctic and gives an ultimatum to the Men in Black: return the galaxy within a “standard galactic week,” which equals one Earth hour, or they will destroy the Earth.

The insect arrives at the observation towers of the New York World’s Fair from 1964-1965 , at the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, which are actually a pair of authentic flying saucers that were confiscated. Once there, Laurel escapes from the claws of the insect when he accidentally drops it. The insect activates one of the cymbals and tries to leave Earth, but K and J knock it down and the ship crashes into the Unisphere. The insect removes Edgar’s skin and swallows the guns of J and K. K causes it until he is also swallowed. The insect tries to escape on the other ship, but J distracts him by mocking him and crushing cockroaches, enraging him. K destroys the insect from the inside, having found his weapon inside his stomach. J and K recover the galaxy and relax, thinking about everything that happened, only so that the upper half of the insect still alive will pounce on them from behind, but Laurel kills him with J.’s weapon.

At the headquarters of the Men in Black, K tells J that he has not been training him as a partner, but as a replacement. K says goodbye to J before J neuralizes him at his request; K returns to his civil life, and Laurel becomes the new companion of J, L. The camera moves away and moves away to reveal that the entire galaxy is a marble like the one around the cat’s neck, Orion, which It is used by a gigantic extradimensional being to play.

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