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On July 16, 1969, Agent K ( Josh Brolin ) captures Boris the Animal ( Jemaine Clement ) in Cape Canaveral , Florida before setting up an ArcNet shield, aimed at protecting the Earth from invasion by Boris species and keeping the creature dead. 40 years later, Boris escapes from the Lunar Max Prison on the Moon and arrives on Earth, intent on revenge against agent K – who took his left hand when he was first arrested. After investigating the spacecraft in New York City, agent K ( Tommy Lee Jones ) concludes that Boris escaped from prison, and he regrets not killing him 40 years ago.

The next day, Agent J ( Will Smith ) receives a notice that K is no longer in the apartment. He arrived at the MIB headquarters to find out that K had been dead for over 40 years. Agent O ( Emma Thompson ), the new Chief after Zed’s departure, concludes that there is a crack in the space-time continuum based on J’s unsatisfied desire for milk chocolate to cure his headache. J concludes that Boris acquired the leap time and returned in 1969 to kill K, resulting in an inevitable attack due to ArcNet Earth at that time. J meets Prince Obadiah ( Lanny Flaherty), a black market trader who sells Boris’s jump-time gear. As a time-jump device it requires a certain amount of time and velocity to activate it, J must jump from the Chrysler Building to make a new time trip. He moved on to July 15, 1969 – the day before the Boris and Agent K.

Upon arriving at that timeline, J went to Coney Island , to investigate whether Boris would commit a murder based on a database he first accessed. However, at that point K had arrived and he was placed in the larger capsule, the Neuralyzer. At the last second, J convinces K to stop the process when he reveals the truth of his mission. They finally cooperate and follow in Boris’s footsteps. Their clues lead them to a fortune teller named Griffin ( Michael Stuhlbarg), which is also the original owner of ArcNet. Being able to look into the results and scenarios in the future as well as look at the probabilities, he also warned K and J that Boris’s arrival would take place and leave the place immediately.

Based on the clues left to them, the agent searched for Griffin, who provided them with a shield placed on the Apollo 11 lunar launch rocket that lasted less than six hours. Upon arriving at Cape Canaveral , both agents and Griffin were quickly arrested by military police. The Colonel ( Mike Colter ) at the scene, however, allows both agents to carry out their mission after Griffin uses precognitive powers to show them their great men.

J and K arrived at the launch site, but were confronted separately by both 1969 and the modern day Boris. Modern-day Boris impales J with a stake before they both fall off the pad; however, J uses time-jumps to travel back to the beginning of the fight and dodge the spikes before pushing crime from the pad into the rocket’s exhaust gas. Meanwhile, as K battles Boris young, he breaks the fuel hose, causing him to spray nitrogen liquid on Boris’ 1969 left hand and break it. K then succeeded the ArcNet plant on the rocket, which performed after reaching the Earth’s atmosphere. The colonel congratulated K, who later invited him to join the agency. However, 1969 Boris emerges from the blast room and kills the Colonel before he transforms into a foreign form that will only be destroyed by K in a few moments. A young boy, who is revealed to be a young J (Cayen Martin), arrives at the launch site in search of his father, but is slowly persuaded by K’s horrific truth while J is old-fashioned in sadness. K neuralyzes young J, tells him that his father is a hero and a big man, then walks with him to the beach holding his hand.

J returned today, where he met a couple at a regular restaurant. There, he shows K watching his father’s pocket. The senior agent, in return, said it was an honor to have met him that day of the incident. As they leave, Griffin – in a few seats, tells the audience that all is well with the world, except for the inevitable asteroid impact on Earth as K forgets to leave a tip. But when K returns to the other end, the asteroid collides with the satellite, thus avoiding disaster.

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