Mission Impossible 1996 Dual Audio HEVC Mobile

In the Prague bureau of the CIA , a “mole” was launched – a double agent. To identify him, an operation is carried out with the staging of the abduction of the list of operatives. However, members of the Prague Bureau of the CIA suddenly begin to perish. In living remains Ethan Hunt ( English Ethan Matthew Hunt ), on which falls accusation of betrayal and murder of colleagues.

To relieve himself of suspicion, Ethan must independently find the real “mole” – a certain “Job.” To do this, Ethan through the Internet goes to his employer, “Max” and proposes a deal: the real name “Job” and 10 million dollars in exchange for a genuine list stored in the CIA headquarters in Langley . Ethan collects a team from the miraculously surviving in Prague Claire, a mercenary and former CIA agent and part-time hacker , after which he makes a daring penetration into the computer of the CIA. The deal on transferring a floppy disk with a list takes place on the London – Paris train .

In the end, Ethan reveals the true “mole”, which is the head of the Prague Bureau of the CIA, his close friend and mentor Jim. After the exposure, Jim kills his wife and partner Claire, takes the money transferred by “Max” in exchange for information, and tries to escape from the train, but as a result of the chase Ethan blows up his helicopter, and by miracle he remains alive. As a result, it is possible to keep a list of operatives inside the CIA, and Ethan is considering returning to work in a secret service.

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Movie Quality : HEVC Mobile

Movie Size : 217 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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