Mortal Engines 2018 Dual Audio HD 720P BRRip

The plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic future in which the resources of the earth are almost used up and cities have been transformed into moving fortresses. At the beginning of the third millennium, a thousand years before the events of the film, the existing civilization itself had been destroyed in the so-called 60-minute war.

Predatory cities like London are chasing and dissecting smaller towns and trading posts to make their own the precious commodities. But this system, based on an ideology called “urban Darwinism”, is reaching its limits, as the huge city is nearing its own end due to the increasingly rare prey. A way out could be the resources of a civilization of solid settlements located in Asia. These are united as an anti-tractionist league in the fight against the predatory cities and protected by a large wall on which other moving cities have failed.

Archeology apprentice Tom Natsworthy lives on London. He prevents the assassination of the masked young woman Hester Shaw at the head of the archaeologists guild Thaddeus Valentine. The prevented murderess manages to escape from the city, not without hinting to Tom the reason for their actions. Then Tom is thrown off board by Thaddeus for fear of that knowledge. Throughout the film, it turns out that Thaddeus is the father of Hester and killed her mother to get at a formidable weapon.

With this weapon he steers London to the big wall to destroy it. The initial community of convenience Hester and Tom finds contact with the residents behind the wall and tries to fend off the attack, in which the military forces of the defenders have already been destroyed. A disabling code for the destructive weapon that Hester got from her dying mother is to stop the robbery city. In a suicide mission they invade London, can save the already severely damaged Wall from complete destruction and also destroy the drive of London. The robber city comes to a halt shortly before the wall, it is at the end. Their inhabitants are spared and humane by the population of the permanent cities, while Hester and Tom decide together,

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 1.06 GB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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