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Nick Spitz is a New York City police officer, his wife, and Audrey a hairdresser. Audrey wants to go to Europe as Nick promised at their wedding, but it hasn’t happened yet. On the 15th anniversary of their marriage, he speaks volumes, and Nick lies that he’s already organized the way. It will solve it with little difficulty. On the plane, Audrey meets the billionaire Charles Cavendish, who invites them both to his family’s yacht , where they are preparing to celebrate Charles’s elderly uncle marrying his former fiancé. After seeing their pre-arranged bus tour promising terrible, Nick goes in as well.

On the boat, Nick and Audrey meet Cavendish’s ex-wife, Suzi, cousin Tobey, actress Grace Ballard, Colonel Ulenga and her bodyguard, Sergei, Maharaja Vikram , racing driver Juan Carlos Rivera, and finally host Malcolm Quince. Quince announces that his relatives are so despised (because they are only interested in money) that he will make his future wife, Suzi, the only heir. Before he could sign his will, somebody shuts off the electricity, and when the power comes back, someone stabbed Quince with his own dagger.

Nick, who lied about being a detective (actually just a regular patrolman), closes the place and the guests return to their rooms. Shortly afterwards, they find Tobey, Malcolm’s only son, who has apparently committed suicide. After the ship docked in Monte Carlo , Detective Laurent Delacroix interrogates guests and believes the Americans may have been the culprits.

Nick and Audrey will be interviewed during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix . That evening, Sergey calls them into their room, telling them that Quince had married the Colonel’s fiancée while he was in a coma – but that both the woman and her child died in childbirth. They knock on the door through which someone fires more shots at Sergei. Nick and Audrey climb out the window and try to escape through the ledge. Meanwhile, they see that the colonel is flossing , which excludes him being the killer. Meanwhile, Delacroix is ​​telling the world through the press that, as alleged perpetrators, they have issued a warrant.

Nick follows Suzi to a library where she meets Audrey – as it turns out, Cavendish is here. They find that the former married couple still loves each other and committed the murder. They must flee from an unexpected assassin, then stumble across Rivera and then Suzi. But before they can prove anything, a strange masked figure kills Suzi. During this time, someone poisoned Cavendish, who also died.

The couple invite Delacroix and the rest of the guests: the colonel, Grace, Vikram and Rivera, but they all have an alibi. Nick and Audrey deduce that Grace may have been the killer, and Tobey helped her, who she then killed. Grace reveals that she is Quince’s child, who hasn’t really died, so the wealth belongs to her. But he denies he was the killer until Audrey proves her. He is arrested, and then shortly afterwards, they have an alibi for Grace, so there was a second killer. And this is none other than Rivera, who was motivated by the loss of her father in an accident caused by Quince. Rivera takes Delacroix hostage. Audrey and Nick are being chased by a sports car. They drive him off the road and rescue the detective, but Rivera wants to shoot Nick. Before you can do this,

Delacroix thanks them for their help and promises to help Nick be promoted to Detective. At the end of the film, Nick and Audrey can be thanked to continue their European vacation on the express board of Orient .

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