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Nebraska is a 2013 American comedy drama film starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte . It is directed by Alexander Payne . 2 It was released on November 15, 2013. 3 It was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival , 4 where Bruce Dern won the Best Actor Award . 5 It was also nominated for 6 Oscar Awards 2014 among which stand out best direction for Alexander Payne and best actor for Bruce Dern. She was also nominated for 5 Golden Globes 2014.

Woody Grant ( Bruce Dern ) is found walking to the exit of the city of Billings by a sheriff who asks him where he is going and he replies that Nebraska is far enough away so he is arrested and they notify his family. Meanwhile, his son David ( Will Forte ) receives a visit from his ex-girlfriend Noel ( Missy Doty ), who returns his things. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from David’s mother, Kate ( June Squibb ), who is having a problem with her father. David retrieves Woody from the police station and learns that he wants to go to Lincoln, Nebraskato collect a prize of a million dollar raffle he has won. David returns to Woody to his house, where Kate soon gets upset when Woody insists on collecting his money. David and his brother Ross ( Bob Odenkirk ), a local news reporter, discuss putting Woody in a retirement home. While watching television, David receives a call from Kate, telling him to pick up Woody from the bus station. David agrees to take Woody to Nebraska , much to Kate’s dismay. During the tour they pass through Mount Rushmorebut Woody is not interested in seeing him since he is anxious to get to Nebraska. When he reaches a town, he disappears and goes on a drinking spree. He is found by David, who discovers that Woody has been injured and takes him to the hospital, only to find out that he has lost his teeth. They relate Woody’s steps and locate his dentures. Due to the injuries, they have to stay in the hospital under observation, so they will not reach Lincoln in time, deciding to pay a visit to Woody’s family.

They arrive in Woody’s hometown of Hawthorne and have lunch with Woody’s brother, Ray ( Rance Howard ) and his family. Woody and David visit the main street and go past a mechanic shop where Woody used to own and go to the local bar. When David brings Woody’s alcoholism, he forces them to leave. Before leaving, they meet Woody’s business partner, Ed Pegram ( Stacy Keach). When Woody mentions that he won the money, the customers of the bar give him a toast. The next morning, they learn that the news has spread through the city. They drive to the bus station to pick up Kate, who has decided to accompany them on the trip. While they dine at a restaurant, their presence is alerted by Ed, who is singing karaoke. When Woody goes to the bathroom, Ed approaches David to talk to him about a little money that Woody lent him several years ago that he has not paid him back and asks him to pay the money soon. The rest of Woody’s family, including Ross, go to visit him. The nephews of Woody, Cole and Bart ( Devin Ratray and Tim Driscoll), they approach David and Ross about how to get some money and they start a fight. Woody, Kate, David and Ross visit Woody’s old house and find their old air compressor gone. While walking through Ed’s house, they find him and Woody steals it. However, it turns out that the house belongs to an elderly couple, who distracts Kate, while David and Ross return the air compressor.

At the bar, Woody and David meet Ed, who reveals that Woody cheated on Kate before David’s birth. David learns that Bart and Cole found the inscription in the contest and threw it in the trash. David and Woody go in search of her and they know that Ed has it and is reading it to the customers of the bar. Woody has the back entrance and David hits Ed. David tells Woody that they do not go to Lincoln and takes Woody to the hospital. A few days later, Woody checks out and they go home. On the way, Davis surrenders and drives to Lincoln. They arrive at the marketing agency to collect the money and the employee looks for the number on her computer and notifies her that it was not a winner and they give Woody a prize of consolation between a cushion or a cap and choose the hat she has written the word “Winner”. David asks the employee if this type of situation happens often and he answers yes to people like his father. Before leaving Hawthorne, David goes to the car dealership and sells his car to buy a truck from Woody, and said it was the only thing he was going to buy with his money. You also buy another air compressor. The film ends with Woody driving the truck up and down Hawthorne’s main street.

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