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The film depicts the life of Doctor Patch Adams and is based on his book Good Health Is a Laughing Matter .

Following a suicide attempt, Hunter “Patch” Adams volunteered to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. There he learns that helping other people can distract him from his own problems. The highly intelligent Adams thus gains his attitude of a good quality of life as the best remedy and gets the desire to become a doctor.

After leaving the clinic prematurely at his own request, he begins to study medicine. Although the study restrictions forbid him from getting in contact with patients before his third year, he does not care and goes to the hospital again and again, where he manages to bring good mood back to death patients. He is repeatedly admonished by the head of the hospital, several times he is threatened with the exclusion from the study.

After an experience with a woman who can not live through the last minutes of her daughter, because she first has to take care of her health insurance, Adams makes the decision to build a clinic in which one does not have to pay and in which each patient and Doctor is. He builds these together with his college friends Carin Fisher and Truman Schiff in a hut in nature. He mainly treats patients who are not taken anywhere else.

A love develops between Adams and Carin Fisher that comes to a sudden end when Carin is shot by one of these patients with a shotgun. Adams is so angry and sad about it that he wants to finish everything first. Eventually, however, he returns to his old optimism and old life and again helps the patient to enjoy. But his nonconformity eventually leads to Dean Walcott exempting him from his studies. Adams steals from his eyes his personal file, which is strictly prohibited, and studies it with Truman. There is a big hearing in front of the University Senate, in which Adams explains his motives and pathetically propagates his goals. The exclusion is rejected, in the end Adams can finish his studies and earns his doctorate. At the award of the doctorate by Dr. med. Eaton shows Adams that he has preserved some of his nonconformity by modifying his robe to reveal his bare backside.

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Movie Quality : 480P BRRip

Movie Size : 314 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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