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In 1969, Hunter Adams is a tormented man who voluntarily engages in a mental institution. Once there, Adams realizes that helping his peers gives him a purpose in life and earns the nickname “Patch” ( “Patch” ). Because of this, he is inspired to become a doctor, and two years later enrolls in the Virginia Medical University ( Virginia Commonwealth University ), being the oldest freshman. Patch questions the faculty’s approach to medical care, and conflicts with Dean Walcott ( Bob Gunton), who believes that doctors should treat patients and not relate to them as people. Due to this and other incidents, including a joke during a medical conference, he is expelled from school, although he is reinstated thanks to his methods to improve the health of patients. Adams encourages medical students to cultivate relationships with nurses and learn their initial interview skills, and argues that death must be treated with dignity, and even with humor.

Adams begins a friendship with his fellow student, Carin Fisher ( Monica Potter ), and develops his idea of ​​a medical clinic around his philosophy of treating patients through humor and compassion. With the help of Arthur Mendelson ( Harold Gould ), a rich man who was a patient that Patch met while in the mental institution, he acquired 105 acres (425,000 m 2 ) in West Virginia to build the future Gesundheit Institute! . Together with Carin, medical student Truman Schiff ( Daniel London ), and some old friends, Patch renewsAn old country house. When they get the clinic working, they treat patients without an appointment and without medical insurance, and make jokes for them.

The friendship between Patch and Carin soon becomes romance. She reveals that she had been sexually abused as a child, distancing herself from men and dreaming of being a butterfly to escape her torment, but Patch assures her that she can overcome her pain to help others. With encouragement, she wishes to help a disturbed patient, Lawrence “Larry” Silver (Douglas Roberts), visiting him at home. Larry turns out to be someone much more disturbed than expected, and murders Carin, in addition to committing suicide soon after. Patch is shattered and is guilty of Carin’s death. Reconsider his point of view, and question the goodness of humanity. Consider suicide and question GodAbout what happened. Then he turns around to see a butterfly that reminds him of Carin and hope, and so he decides to continue his work in his honor. However, he is expelled from school for the second time, because he ran a clinic and practiced medicine without a license. Adams files a formal complaint with the state medical council, on the advice of his former roommate, Mitch Roman ( Philip Seymour Hoffman ), and must attend a hearing in which he decides whether to graduate or not.

Patch is able to convince the board in a final speech that he did his best to help the people who came to him, and as a doctor he has the responsibility of treating the body’s illness, as well as the spirit of a person regardless of Outcome. The jury accepts Patch’s scientific methods and lets him graduate. He receives a standing ovation from the courtroom. Even at graduation, Patch can’t help being a nonconformist . After handing over his diploma to Patch, Walcott approves Patch’s compliance, to which Patch replies to the professors and the public, showing his bare bottom under his suit.

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