Paul Blart Mall Cop 2009 Dual Audio HD 720P BRRip

Paul Blart lives in West Orange, New Jersey, with his teenage daughter Maya and mother Margaret. Seeking to go to the New Jersey State Police, he trains at the police academy, but his hypoglycemia causes him to faint and fail to pass the exam. To better prepare for his future career, Blart takes a job as a security guard at West Orange Pavilion Shopping Center. Blart patrols a mall on a Segway and coaches Century Simms, a beginner who is not interested in working.

Paul meets Amy Anderson, a salesman at the new kiosk. One evening, he meets her at a party at Joe’s American Bar and Grill with other members of the mall, where Blart gets drunk and falls out of the window.

Two days later, on the night of Black Friday, an organized gang of bandits disguised as Santa Claus helpers commit a robbery. They take Amy and other clients hostage. Simms is declared the leader of the gang – his work at the mall was a trick for collecting data. They hold hostages, as insurance, for future gang escape.

Blart enters the mall and discovers that the entire mall has been evacuated and is in a state of emergency. Realizing this, he calls the police and leaves the mall to speak with Commander Sergeant Howard. Blart realizes that Amy is still inside and decides to return to the mall to find her. A special forces team arrives with commander James Kent. Kent, a former classmate and bully from Blart’s childhood, takes control of police units and orders Blart to let them handle the situation. Paul refuses and tries to save the hostages on his own and opposes the team of Simms, using impromptu measures to kill them one by one. He discovers credit card codes written in invisible ink on the hands of robbers, and understands

Maya, not knowing what happened, appears in the mall to bring some food to Blart, but the remaining Simms minions grab her and she also becomes a hostage. Paul manages to defeat all Simms accomplices and he tries to evacuate the hostages by pulling them through the air vent. The plan fails when Leon does not have time to approach. Simms enters the room, neutralizes Blart and forces him to refuse the credit card codes that he wrote on his mobile phone. Simms runs away, taking Amy and Maya with them. When police raid a mall to apprehend criminals and rescue hostages, Blart lends a minivan and joins Kent to chase Simms at the airport, where he is trying to escape to the Cayman Islands.

After a short fight, Blart defeats Simms and handcuffs him. Moments later, Kent shoots Blart with a pistol, showing that he was in collusion with Simms. Kent requires a phone with codes from Blart, who refuses and destroys the phone. Before Kent manages to shoot Blart, Chef Brooks arrives from the mall’s security service and shoots Kent in his hand. Kent and Simms are arrested, and Amy and Maya are safely returned. For his courage and help, Howard offers Bart a job in the New Jersey State Police. But Paul inexplicably refuses, preferring to stay in the mall. Blart and Amy eventually got married in a mall, where they exchanged vows on black and white segways.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 1.05 GB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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