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Louis Creed, a Boston doctor and his wife, Rachel, and their children, Ellie and Gage shook hands on the Maine State Ludlow move to the city. As she explores the woods surrounding her new home, Ellie discovers a “Cemetery of Fame” where kids in the city bury their dead pet.

Here he meets his neighbor, Jud Crandall, who warns him and Rachel that this is a dangerous place to walk alone in this part of the forest.

Louis is confronted with a serious case on his first day at the University Hospital. A 20-year-old gasp, Victor Pascow, who is no longer able to save his life, is transported in a life-threatening condition. At night, Pascow appears in the Doctor’s dream and warns him never to cross the mountainside behind the Favorite Cemetery. Louis wakes up in the morning with his muddy, dirty feet and pajamas, making sure that what happened was not just a bad dream.

On Halloween , Churchl, Ellie’s cat is hit by a truck near the house. Jud takes Louis to the area beyond Favorite Cemetery, once a local burial ground for Mi’kmaq Indians , according to local Mendemonds , and land under the curse of Wendigo . Here the cat is buried, who returns the next morning, apparently intact but with a change in behavior. Churc gets aggressive, scratches Ellie, and drops a living bird drastically. As a result, Louis interrogates Judo, who tells him about the power of the burial ground, which can bring back the dead they are buried there.

The family organizes a birthday party for Ellie, but the day turns into a tragedy when a truck knocks the girl to death. The family is crashing down. After the funeral, Rachel and Gage move to her parents. Judging that what lonely Louis was planning, Jud warns the grieving father “when is it better that the dead remain dead”. But Louis’s sorrow and guilt encourage him to fulfill his plan. At night, he mixes a sleeping pill into Jud’s drink as they drink beer together on the terrace of his house, then sets off to dig his daughter’s grave. Ellie returns from death, but her behavior is confusing, confusing and sometimes aggressive.

In her parents’ house, Rachel is saddened by the memory of her dead sister, Zelda, who died of spinal cord when she was a child, and who Rachel has since blamed for her death. Gage shows Pascow’s spirit and warns him to return home as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in Ludlow, Jud is awakened from his dream of what Louis has done. She visits her neighbor, who tells her everything is fine, but Jud notices Ellie watching her from her bedroom. Jud escapes to his house and grabs a pistol to kill Ellie. With the help of Ellie Churc, she traps and eventually kills the elderly man, whose death, in the guise of his dead wife Norma, says he will be buried in the Indian cemetery.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Gage return to the house, but when confronted with what Louis did, they can’t accept the undead Ellie, especially Rachel in shock. Ellie then attacks her mother, who, while protecting her own life and that of her little son, escapes to the upstairs bathroom. Meanwhile, Louis discovers Jud’s body and hurries back to his home to help his wife. Rachel tries to lower Gage out of the bathroom window. Louis catches Gage, but in the meantime Ellie delays her mother to death. Louis locks Gage in the car and hurries to his dying wife, who promises not to bury him in the Indian cemetery.

Ellie knocks down her father, who is unconscious, and then drags her mother’s body to the Indian cemetery. Louis is about to recover to kill Ellie in the woods, but eventually his wife, who is resurrected, ends up with him. The trio returning from death set fire to Jud’s house in the closing scene of the film and approach the car together, where Gage is still waiting for them. Seeing Louis, Gage opens the car door.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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