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Louis Creed, his wife Rachel and their young children Ellie and Gage move to a remote house in the woods, just outside the city in the US state of Maine. Ellie bumps into a pet graveyard (with the sign that announces it as such being misspelled: “Sematary” instead of “Cemetery”) in the forest after following a procession of children with animal masks. She meets her neighbor Jud, who quickly establishes a friendship with the family. Louis, who works in a university hospital, cannot save the life of a student named Victor Pascow, who was hit by a car. Louis is plagued by nightmares in which Victor warns him to stay away from the forest and tells him: “The barrier must not be broken.” Meanwhile, Rachel suffers her own trauma regarding her sister Zelda, who died as a teenager from spinal meningitis and whose illness traumatized a young Rachel.

Ellie’s beloved pet, her cat Church, is hit by a truck and Louis and Jud find him. Aware of how devastated Ellie will be, Jud convinces Louis to bury Church deep inside the pet cemetery. The next day, Louis is surprised to discover that Church is alive, although it is noticeably more aggressive and dirty, since it spider Ellie and brings a dead bird to the house. Louis confronts Jud, who tells him that the pet cemetery can return things from the dead and that it is inhabited by a wendigothat the natives of the forest feared before fleeing and tells him that as a child he buried his dog in the pet cemetery and returned being evil, so he had to be killed. After finding Church sitting in the cradle of Gage, Louis leaves Church on the side of the road and tells Ellie that he fled. Meanwhile, Louis and Rachel’s nightmares about Pascow and Zelda intensify.

The family organizes a birthday party for Ellie. While playing hide and seek with his friends, Gage and Louis, Ellie sees Church on the road and runs to him. Gage follows her and is almost rammed by a truck, but is saved by Louis. The driver swerves to avoid Gage, causing a large tank to come loose and end up hitting and killing Ellie, who was still on the road. The family is devastated, and Rachel and Gage are going to spend a few days with Rachel’s parents. Louis visits Jud, who tells Louis that he knows he is thinking of burying Ellie in the pet cemetery and warns him about it. Jud stops drinking and Louis takes the opportunity to dig up Ellie’s body and bury him in the pet cemetery.

Ellie returns later that night, strangely pale and with a remarkably more cruel and cold attitude. Meanwhile, Rachel gets scared when Gage starts having nightmares and refers to Pascow calling him by name. He goes home, can’t get in touch with Louis and calls Jud to see how her husband is doing. Jud goes to the Creed’s house and is rejected by Louis. However, Jud sees Ellie looking at him from the window of his room, and he flees to his own house. When he finds his gun, to kill Ellie, Jud is surprised with Church and, distracted, Ellie cuts off her Achilles tendon with a scalpel that stole from Louis. Ellie teases Jud by taking the form of his dead wife, Norma, before stabbing him.

Rachel and Gage arrive at the house to Louis’s surprise. Ellie introduces herself to Rachel, who is horrified and runs away upstairs with Gage. When Louis tries to convince Rachel that Ellie is still her daughter, she realizes that Ellie is missing and goes to Jud’s house to find her. Meanwhile, Rachel is attacked with a knife by Ellie and is stabbed, but manages to escape to the bathroom with Gage, stopping there. Louis finds Jud’s body and returns to the house to see Rachel trying to get Gage down the bathroom window. Louis catches Gage and Rachel is stabbed by Ellie. Louis locks up Gage in the car and returns upstairs to find a dying Rachel, who begs not to be buried in the pet cemetery.

Ellie leaves Louis unconscious and drags Rachel’s body into the forest, where he buries her in the pet cemetery. Louis wakes up and finds Ellie in the woods, where they fight. When Louis prepares to kill Ellie, he is stabbed by a resurrected Rachel and he is also buried. The trio burns Jud’s house before approaching the car where Gage is still inside. Louis gestures to Gage, who opens the car door before the movie turns black.

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