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Pete’s Dragon ( Peter and the Dragon in Spain and My Friend the Dragon in Spanish America ) is an American movie , a remake of the 1977 film Pete’s Dragon . This remake , this time designed to combine shooting traditional in real image with the art of computer animation , is a dramatic comedy of fantasy and is directed by David Loweryand written by Toby Halbrooks and Lowery. Like the 1977 version, it is based on a co-written story (though never published) by SS Field and Seton I. Miller.

The film stars Oakes Fegley, Oona Laurence, Robert Redford , Bryce Dallas Howard , Wes Bentley and Karl Urban . Filming began on January 26, 2015, in New Zealand , 1 and its premiere was on August 12, 2016.

In 1977, Pete, a five-year-old boy, is on a road trip with his parents when his car turns over on the side of the road trying to avoid running over a deer. Pete’s parents die instantly, but Pete survives and is pursued into the forest by a pack of wolves, only to be rescued by a dragon with green skin, yellow eyes and huge wings. Pete names the dragon “Elliot”, since his favorite book is about a puppy of the same name. And he takes the dragon as a father figure.

Six years later, Pete, now 11, sees a team of lumberjacks cutting trees near his home. Natalie, the boss’s daughter, sees him and pursues him. When Natalie accidentally falls from a tree, her screams attract her father, Jack, and his girlfriend Grace Meacham. Pete tries to flee, but Gavin, Jack’s brother, accidentally knocks him out. After realizing that Pete has disappeared, Elliot stumbles in search of him and ends up tearing down a tree near the field of wood, which leads Gavin to organize a hunting party to find him. Meanwhile, Pete wakes up and finds himself in a local hospital, from which he escapes by returning to the jungle. Before the police can catch him, Grace convinces Pete to come and live with her with the promise to take him to the forest the next day. After receiving a drawing of Elliot by Pete, Grace takes it to his father, who claims to have discovered the same dragon long ago. He advises you to trust Pete, and find Elliot.

Gavin and his men locate the tree house of Elliot and Pete, but when they try to look for it, Elliot reveals himself and drives them away. He then follows them back to the city in an effort to find Pete. When he does, he finds Pete with Grace’s family, and when he thinks that his family is already gone.

The next day, Pete, Grace, Natalie, and Mr. Meacham go to the jungle to find Elliot. A group of hunters led by Gavin surprised Elliot and they throw tranquilizing darts, locking him in Jack’s store. Before the authorities can inspect Elliot, Pete and Natalie release him from their chains and escape in a wooden truck with Mr. Meacham.

Enraged, Gavin establishes a roadblock on the bridge to stop them. An unsuccessful attempt to fly from a still stunned Elliot damages the truck’s brakes, causing Gavin’s truck through the barricade and to stop on the other side. Confused and frightened, Elliot begins to fire on the police. The bridge begins to collapse in the intense heat, causing the truck of Jack and Grace to fall. Gavin, in repenting, tries to save them before they fall to death. Elliot tries to save them, but the bridge collapses and they all fall into the ravine. At the last second, Elliot emerges with Grace and Jack on his back. When a military helicopter approaches, Pete decides to flee with Elliot to return to the forest.

Pete begs Elliot to stay with him so he can protect him from his attackers. However, Elliot concludes that, as long as they stay together, Pete will always be in danger. Elliot points out Pete’s book to try to convince him to go back to Grace and Jack. After a tearful hug, Elliot returns to the mountains, while Pete goes to live with Grace and Jack as his new family.

In the years that follow, Grace and Jack after marrying and adopting Pete as their son, Elliot gradually fades from the memory of the city. However, Pete and his family find him while on vacation, having verified that Elliot has finally reunited with his fellow dragons.

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