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Elliot, the dragon is an American fantasy film by David Lowery , which is based optically and content on the feature film Elliot, the grin monster of 1977. The film was produced by Walt Disney and is based on an unpublished short story by Seton I. Miller and SS Field . The film was released on August 12, 2016 in the US and on August 25, 2016 in German cinemas.

The woodcarver Mr. Meacham, who lives in the small town of Millhaven, in the Pacific Northwest , likes to tell stories, and he likes to entertain the neighborhood kids with those about a dragon who lives in the woods. For his daughter Grace, who is a collaborator of the nearby Natural Parkare, these stories were never more than legends. One day, while working in the forest, she meets the boy Pete. The mysterious ten-year-old lost his parents in a car accident and tells Grace that he has lived in the woods since then with the giant green dragon Elliot, who can fly and has the ability to make himself invisible. He knew the name he gave the dragon from a book he had read in the backseat during his accident with his parents. The creature he describes miraculously resembles the dragon from her father’s stories. Still, Grace can hardly believe that Pete was able to survive alone in the forest for six years. Grace begins to wonder if the dragon really could exist. That would also explain how Pete always comes so quickly from one place to another.

In the village community where Pete is shot, he meets Natalie, the eleven-year-old daughter of sawmill owner Jack, who becomes his first true friend, even though her father and his brother Gavin Pete’s stories and strange happenings are not at ease with his arrival. When Petes and Elliot’s old home, the forest, is threatened with being cut down, he and Grace, assisted by Natalie, must act to save him.

The forest workers, who were given the job to clear the forest, learn about the dragon. They catch Elliot, stun him and bring him to the sawmill. But just before the police arrive, Pete can free him. Still very weak due to the narcotics, Elliot does not manage to remain invisible all the time and is being chased by the police. Although he escapes his pursuers, but must leave the forest, since the hunt for him does not end. Pete decides to live with Grace, but because he knows the magic of dragons, they can always find and visit Elliot.

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Movie Quality : BRRip 720P

Movie Size : 851 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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