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“Pete and his dragon” ( English Pete’s Dragon ) – American adventure fantasy film, shot by David Lowry on the same story by S. S. Field and Seton Miller . He is also a remake of the 1977 film of the same name . The film tells about a boy who grew up in the forest after the death of his parents in a car crash, and found himself the best friend in the face of a huge furry dragon.

The action takes place in the 1970s. Five-year-old Pete goes with his parents in a car along a deserted road through a virgin forest. Because of the roed-out roe car, the car crashes, and Pete’s parents die, and he himself goes deep into the forest, where he is surrounded by wolves. However, they retreat in fear when a huge, shaggy green dragon approaches Pete, who takes Pete into the paws and flies with him.

It takes six years. Pete lives in the forest, not seeing people, his best friend of the dragon, he called Elliot in honor of the hero of his favorite children’s book, the dog Elliot. One day, Pete hears the noise of cars and sees that a group of people are hitting the forest near them. Gavin is leading the forest management. Soon there comes the forest ranger Grace, who claims that the felling is illegal, and then Gavin’s brother Jack with Natalie’s daughter (Natalie’s mother died a few years ago, and Grace is Jack’s friend). While the adults argue, Natalie notices in the forest of Pete and catches up with him, but together they almost fall off the tree. The screams of children resorted to adults, and when Gavin tries to catch Pete, he falls and bangs his head. He is taken to the hospital, where he runs from, but Grace finds the bewildered boy in the city and leaves him for the night at home. In the evening Pete tells Natalie, that he has a friend Elliot, and draws it. Grace understands that Pete’s drawing is too similar to the dragon that his father, the old man Micham, saw in the forest many years ago, but he was not believed. In the meantime, Gavin and his companions stumble into the forest on Elliott and with difficulty run away from him.

In the morning Grace, instead of giving Pete to the guardianship authorities, takes him to the place where he was discovered, and Pete introduces Grace and Natalie to Elliot. However, Gavin appears with friends who decide to catch Elliot, and put him to sleep, shooting him with syringes with sleeping pills. Then Gavin takes Elliot to his hangar and tells him that the dragon will help him get rich and become famous. Pete and Natalie, with the help of old Micham, manage to free Elliot from the chains and go towards the forest, carrying the weakened Elliot on the platform. On the way, Gavin blocks them, and several police cars approaching from behind. Elliot tries to drive away the pursuers, exhaling fire and partially destroying the bridge from which the car falls Grace and Jack. However, Elliot rescues them. Police helicopters appear, and Pete and Elliot fly away.

In the place of their destroyed forest house, Elliot gives to Pete that he must stay with Natalie’s family who fell in love with him. He returns Pete to the city, and himself flies further north, where, according to legend, the rest of the dragons have found refuge. The epilogue shows how, after a while, Pete, Natalie, Grace and Jack visit Elliot in a reserved corner of the forest, and see a whole flock of dragons fleeing into the sky.

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Movie Quality : Mobile 480P x265

Movie Size : 176 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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