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Piranha 3D is a horror / comedy film that became the second re- film of the film in 1978 . The film was written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, author of Sorority Row and directed by Alexandre Aja . The film features acting with different stories from actor and actress Jessica Szohr , Adam Scott , Elisabeth Shue , Kelly Brook , Richard Dreyfuss , Jerry O’Connell , Christopher Lloyd , Ving Rhames , Dina Meyer , Cody Longo, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Paul Scheer, Ashlynn Brooke dan Eli Roth.[4]

Matthew Boyd ( Richard Dreyfuss ) is a fishing fisherman in Lake Victoria, AZ when a small earthquake occurred, resulting in a turbulent lake surface and a whirlpool. Boyd fell into it and he was killed by a group of strange and spooky piranhas emerging from the vortex.

Jake (McQueen) was a tourist puller during school break. She meets again with her former partner, Kelly ( Jessica Szohr ) and meets Derrick Jones ( Jerry O’Connell ) a strange porn film maker, and also Danni ( Kelly Brook ), one of Derrick’s actresses. Derrick asks Jake to show him a good spot on the beach for filming his porn movie.

That night, Jake’s mother, Sheriff Julie Forester ( Elisabeth Shue ), searches for Matthew Boyd along with Deputy Fallon ( Ving Rhames ), who found Boyd’s ship. They found Boyd’s already broken body and decided to close the beach. The next morning, a diver was attacked and eaten by the ferocious fish.

Jake then asks 2 siblings, Laura (Brooklynn Proulx) and Zane (Sage Ryan), to stay at home so Jake can guide Derrick. After Jake leaves, Zane invites Laura to go fishing to a small island in the middle of the lake. They forgot to tie the ship and the ship was floating in the middle of the lake. Meanwhile, Jake goes with Derrick and together to The Barracuda, Derrick’s ship where they meet Kelly. Jake meets with Crystal ( Riley Steele ), another actress Derrick and cameraman Derrick, Drew ( Paul Scheer ). They took Danni and Crystal’s sex scenes before partying.

Julie drove a group of seismologists – ( Adam Scott ), Sam ( Ricardo Chavira ), and Paula ( Dina Meyer ) – who wanted to dive into the lake. Novak suspects that the cracks caused by the quake opened prehistoric lakes. Paula and Sam scuba dive into the crack, and find many large eggs covering most of the cracks. They were both killed before they could get out or warn others. Novak and Julie then pulled Paula’s body onto the ship and caught a piranha, then took her to Mr. Goodman ( Christopher Lloyd), a marine biologist. He explained that the piranhas are prehistoric species in which the species develop in a closed gap in water for more than 2 million years.

Julie, Novak, and Fallon tried to evacuate the beach, but their warning was ignored until the piranhas attacked the tourists. Novak returns to the ground and comes with a jet-ski and shotgun to help Fallon and Julie who want to help the tourists escape. The floating stage of the beach collapsed and all the contestants on the stage were killed.

Jake then learns of the whereabouts of Laura and Zane on an island and forces Derrick to rescue them. Derrick found his ship was leaking because it hit the rocks, so the ship was flooded. Kelly was trapped in the kitchen while Derrick, Crystal, and Drew were thrown off the ship. Crystal and Drew were killed while Danni tried to pick up Derrick who had been torn. Jake then asks for his mother’s help.

Julie and Novak go to the barracuda ship that is almost drowned. Fallon goes to the rear glass and kills the piranha that is in the water. Then he dives into the water and kills the piranha who are nearby with a speedboat motor. He also died, but gave the opportunity for other swimmers to get out of the water.

Julie and Novak go reach Jake and throw the rope. Julie, Danni, Laura, and Zane started crossing the rope but the piranha bit Danni’s hair and pulled her into the water, eating it. Laura, Zane, and Julie survived. Jake severed the rope. By using Derrick’s corpse as a decoy, Jake tied the rope to himself and went to rescue Kelly. He tied Kelly to himself and lit a fire after releasing the gas that was in the spare gas tube on the ship. At that moment the piranha swarmed over them. Then Novak turns on the ship after seeing Kelly and Jake ready. He drags them in the water with a ship that drove to the beach. They survived and the gas exploded, destroyed Derrick’s ship and killed many piranhas.

Mr. Goodman called Julie on the radio. He tells me that all the piranhas they face are immature, and that all the piranhas are still infant. Novak think where his parents are. A large piranha – as tall as an adult half – jumps out of the water and attacks Novak.

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