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Piranha 2 (original title Piranha 3DD ) is a US-based 3D – horror comedy from the year 2012 and the continuation of Piranha 3D .

One year after the Piranhas attacks on Lake Victoria, a campaign to eradicate the lake was launched. Since then, the country is uninhabitable and the city lost tourism due to the dehydration of its main source of income. Two farmers are fishing at a nearby lake. They find a dead cow lying in the lake. Inside the cow, the peasants find eggs from piranhas that are hatching and killing the peasants.

Maddy, a biology student, returns home to her stepfather’s water park for the summer. With horror she must realize that her stepfather Chet has transformed the water park into a strip landscape. In the evening at a party at the water park, Maddy encounters some old acquaintances, including her ex-boyfriend Kyle Knight, a cop and Barry, who is secretly in love with Maddy. She also meets her best friends Ashley and Shelby. Shelby and her friend Josh go for a nude swim in the lake, where a piranha swims in Shelby’s vagina . Meanwhile, Ashley and her friend Travis have sex in their car. Ashley accidentally releases the handbrake of the car, causing the van to roll into the lake. Ashley and Travis are then attacked by piranhas and killed.

The next day, Maddy Shelby comforts, as the two have learned that Ashley has disappeared without a trace. While the two are sitting on a jetty, they are attacked by a swarm of piranhas. They manage to kill one. Maddy, Kyle and Barry are going to Mr. Goodman together. He informs them that the piranhas can move across sewer pipes and subterranean rivers between the lakes. After returning to the lake, they discover that the piranhas have found no way into the drainage pipes of the water park. While Shelby and Josh have sex, the piranha bites into Shelbys vagina in Josh’s penis, forcing him to chop off with a knife. Both are hospitalized. Meanwhile, Kyle turns out to be a corrupt policeman who helped Chet

The next day the big wet opens . Among the first guests is Deputy Fallon, who survived the first attack of the piranhas but lost his legs, as well as former cameraman Andrew Cunningham. While the duo tries to overcome their fear of the water, David Hasselhoff divesas a celebrity in the park. After discovering that there is a connection between the park and the underground river, Maddy tries to close the water park, but she is stopped by Chet and Kyle. But the piranhas have already made their way into the area and attack the bathers and kill them. Fallon puts on a shotgun prosthesis to save the visitors, while David Hasselhoff rescues a little boy named David and is glad to finally become a real lifeguard. In the chaos Chet tries to escape, but is beheaded by a too low hanging cable.

Meanwhile, Barry walks into the utility room to drain the water from the pools. Maddy tries to save as many people as possible, but by the pull of running water she is dragged to the bottom of the pool. After Kyle refuses to help her, Barry jumps after her, although he can not swim, and brings her back to the surface. He manages to revive Maddy and the two kiss.

Another employee, Big Dave, pours gasoline into the pipes and lights it. The resulting explosion kills most of the piranhas while Kyle is killed by a falling trident. The survivors celebrate their victory against the piranhas. When Maddy receives a phone call from Mr. Goodman, she must learn that the piranhas have evolved and are now able to land. The film ends when a piranha demolishes the head of Hasselhoff’s rescued child, David.

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Movie Quality : 720P BRRip

Movie Size : 711 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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