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Piranha 3DD ( Brazil : Piranha 2 ) is a North American horror and comedy film of 2012 , is the continuation of the film Piranha 3D . The film would be released in 2011 , but after a series of postponements, the new date established for the launch in Brazil is August 17 , 2012 , by Imagem Filmes . In the US , the film debuted on June 23.

A year after the events of Lake Victoria, an eradication campaign left the lake uninhabitable and the main source is tourism . In a nearby lake, two farmers; Clayton ( Gary Busey ) and Mo ( Clu Gulager ) enter the water to retrieve the body of a cow. But they end up releasing a school of piranhas, which kill them. The next day, Maddy ( Danielle Panabaker ) returns home, at the water park where she co-owns and discovers that her stepfather Chet ( David Koechner ) plans to add an adult themed section in the park with strippers. During the night, Maddy meets old friends, such as former police boyfriend Kyle ( Chris Zylka ), Barry ( Matt Bush), who secretly has a crush on her; and her friends Shelby ( Katrina Bowden ) and Ashley ( Meagan Tandy ). Then Shelby goes with her boyfriend Josh ( Jean-Luc Bilodeau ), to swim naked in the lake. During the process, a piranha enters the vagina of Shelby. Across the lake, Ashley is with her boyfriend Travis ( Paul James Jordan ) in a van, and they accidentally pull the parking brake, causing the van to collapse into the lake. The van begins to sink, and Ashley manages to climb on top of her, to ask for help, but Travis is killed by the piranhas, and soon after, Ashley as well.Next day, without news of friends, Shelby becomes desperate and Maddy will comfort her. While they are sitting on a pier, piranhas attack both, and Shelby falls into the water. Maddy and Shelby manage to get out of the lake, alive, but a bitch jumps toward Maddy, and Shelby and she kill her. Maddy, Kyle and Barry lead the bitch to Mr. Goodman ( Christopher Lloyd ), and they discover that the piranhas may be getting into the pipes. While Josh and Shelby have sex, the bitch in Shelby’s vagina bites Josh’s penis and he short It is also discovered that Chet is pumping water from the river, into the park. “Big Wet” opens early the next day. Among the guests are Deputy Sheriff Fallon ( Ving Rhames ), who survived but lost his legs, and Drew Cunningham ( Paul Scheer) who also survived. David Hasselhoff also appears as saving lives. Maddy discovers the connection between the lake and the park, and tries to close it, but is prevented by Kyle. Then the piranhas start attacking killing several bathers and saving lives. Hasselhoff saves a little boy and thinks of himself as a lifesaver. During the chaos, Chet tries to escape, but ends up being decapitated by a corporal. Barry starts to drain the pools and Maddy who went to save people in the water, ends up getting stuck in the suction and is dragged down. Barry saves her, and they kiss. Another employee, Big Dave ( Adrian Martinez ), pours gas and a lighted set in the pipes. The explosionresulting kills most of the piranhas, and a trident crushes Kyle. However, soon after, Maddy receives a call from Mr. Goodman, who says that piranhas can move on land. Then a bitch decapitates a boy who took pictures of her.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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