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Paul is a nurse, lives in Cincinnati, is married to Taryn who is pregnant, will soon give birth; one evening, during the shift in the hospital, a patient, Abe Guevara, was admitted, a criminal who, that same evening, entered the house of the prosecutor Gregory killing him, and while he was escaping, getting a gunshot wound, was hit by a car, ending up in a coma.

While Paul examines the patient, he is attacked by Mateo, Abe’s brother, who steals a USB stick that was in Abe’s possession, then Mateo enters Paul’s house and kidnaps Taryn, forcing Paul to take Abe away from the hospital. Having no other choice Paul brings Abe out of the hospital, also injecting him with the drugs he stole from the clinic, waking him from a coma. Police officers Lewis and Masterson are on the trail of Paul and Abe, both Abe and his brother are considered two dangerous criminals, to make matters worse Abe has stolen drugs from Big D, a dangerous gangster from Cincinnati.

Masterson explains to Lewis that Abe had made a deal with Gregory, who had nailed Mateo who would end up in prison with a ten-year prison sentence, but Gregory was ready to drop the charges on the condition that Abe brought him the USB stick with all the information regarding a group of corrupt police officers. Meanwhile Paul and Abe have to go to the place of the exchange where Mateo will take Taryn, at the moment Abe cannot do without Paul, who has to make constant injections to the toradol and morphine criminal. Arriving at the site of the exchange, Abe discovers that it is not a safe place, there are policemen on the site so Paul and Abe run away.

Paul and Abe go to Cheetah, a friend of Abe’s, who needs his help, but without Abe realizing it, Paul had made contact with Lewis, who joined them with Masterson. Abe now has no choice but to surrender, while Lewis kills Cheetah, by the way he seems very interested in the USB stick. Abe reveals to Masterson that it was Lewis who killed Gregory, in fact Abe had come to him to give him the key, but Lewis killed him to cover his back, in fact she is among the corrupt policemen on whom Gregory wanted to investigate. Lewis kills Masterson by shooting him, while Paul shoots Lewis’s accomplice, killing him and saving Abe, escaping with him.

Meanwhile, Mateo takes Taryn to his shelter, hiding the key, then comes one of the corrupt cops who works with Lewis, who shoots Mateo, taking Taryn away. Shortly afterwards, Paul and Abe arrive, who find Mateo dying, there is very little that Paul can do to save him, in fact Mateo dies in Abe’s arms. Thirsty for vengeance, Abe is willing to make Lewis pay, but it is necessary to find evidence to nail it, the filming of Cheetah’s camera is needed, where he sees Lewis shoot and kill both Cheetah and Masterson, which Lewis has already requisitioned.

Abe, accompanied by Paul, goes to Big D, he has no other choice but to ask for his help, in fact he repays the debt contracted with him by giving him the key, allowing him to use the information inside him to his advantage. Lewis holds Taryn prisoner at the police station, Big D and his men set fire to a car creating a diversion, while Abe, disguised as a policeman, enters the station along with Paul who pretends to be a doctor who is providing aid. Abe finds Lewis and points the gun at her, forcing her to surrender, and finds the camera footage. Lewis warns him because now he has made himself very powerful enemies who will never give him peace. Abe escapes, but not before delivering the footage to a TV station, so as to nail Lewis. Paul instead confronts Lewis’s accomplice (the same one who had killed Mateo) and after knocking him out, he helps Taryn whose waters have just broken, and thanks to Paul his wife gives birth to their child. The video that incriminates Lewis is broadcast, so his colleagues try to arrest her, she prefers to take her own life with a gunshot, but before she can do it her colleagues kill her by shooting her.

It’s been a year, Paul and Taryn are celebrating their child’s first birthday, to which they gave the name of Matt, it seems that Paul and Abe still keep in touch, and while Abe is in the car he is followed by a black SUV, that that Lewis told him turned out to be true, and in fact having made dangerous enemies Abe will be forced to escape by always looking over his shoulder.

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