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“Living Steel” ( Engl. Real Steel ) – American fiction fighter director Sean Levy inspired story Richard Matheson “Steel” (in Russian translation – “Steel man”) [3] . The main role in the film was played by Hugh Jackman , and the producers were Sean Levy, Susan Montford and Don Murphy [4] . The world premiere of the film took place on September 6, 2011 in Paris at the Grand Rex cinema [5] . In the US and Russia, the picture was rolled out on October 7 [6] .

In Russia, the film is allowed to be shown to viewers who have reached the age of 12. In the US, it is not recommended to watch children under the age of 13 [7] .

The story unfolds in the future, in 2020, when traditional boxing fights and other martial arts lost interest and relevance due to lack of cruelty, and were replaced by gladiatorial battles involving robots controlled by people.

The protagonist is Charlie Kenton ( Hugh Jackman ), a former boxer who lives with the daughter of his deceased coach Bailey Tallet ( Evangeline Lilly ), takes part in battles of robots, suffering one defeat after another and getting deeper into debt. Along the way, he learns that his ex-wife died, leaving their son Max Kenton ( Dakota Goyo ) an orphan. Having sold the right to custody of the boy to the wealthier relatives of the deceased spouse, he takes Max for a while under his guardianship, “to establish relations between father and son,” and also to get extra money.

He again participates in the battles, buying the money from one of the best robots – Neusi Boy with voice control , where he suffers another fiasco because he did not even familiarize himself with the available techniques, as Max put it, simply “shouted something that was steeper sounds. ” In search of details for the new robot Charlie and his son go to the dump, where Max, falling from the cliff, finds a defective, but the whole robot of the second generation, named “Atom”. This obsolete robot was created not for fighting, but as a sparring partner , it can not attack, but it keeps a good blow and has a rare “shadow function” that allows repeating any movements of a person. Max decides using Atom to participate in illegal battles of robots and earn some money.

In the first battle, Atom wins and it turns out that he is a very robust robot. Max, setting the voice control from Neusi Boy to the Atom, suggests Charlie teach through the “function of the shadow” Atom boxing style. So, winning in fights, Atom becomes a participant of the tournament “Living Steel”, and Charlie and Max converge. After the victory over the professional robot “Twin City”, Max summons Farru Lemkov ( Olga Fonda ), a billionaire, for whom Tak Mashido ( Karl Yun ), the legendary creator of combat robots, assembled Zeus, the undefeated robot, the champion of “Living Steel”. After the daring call of Max, for Lemkova begins ” PR- nightmare”, and after a while she accepts the challenge.

Then Charlie and Max are unexpectedly attacked by businessmen whom Charlie owes, and beat them, taking all the money. Worried about his son, Charlie gives it to the official guardians to make it safe. But after talking with Bailey, he changes the decision and persuades them to let Max go with him to the tournament, and they agree.

During the battle, Zeus, attacking the Atom, causes him serious damage, destroying the voice control system. Max persuades Charlie to fight Zeus through the “function of the shadow” of the Atom. Waiting for Zeus to run out of energy, Charlie strikes a series of crushing blows. The champion of “Living Steel” begins to lose, and for the control panel of Zeus sits Tak Mashido himself. Despite this, Atom sends Zeus down , but he manages to rise. Zeus wins on points, but this is a devastating failure for Farra Lemkova. Atom is proclaimed as the People’s Champion, and Charlie confesses to Max that he has become attached to him.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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