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Repo Men or The buyers in Quebec is an American movie – Canadian directed by Miguel Sapochnik , released in North America and Canada the March 19 , 2010and in Europe the July 14 , 2010.

In the future, organ donation is no longer a problem thanks to the development of biotechnology . Nevertheless, the cost of a transplant remains high. The Union is a society that manages organ donation. People who do not pay their heavy debts are confronted with the repo men (the buyers), agents whose mission is to take over the transplanted organs of the bad payers legally.

In 2025, a corporation called the Union developed the creation of artificial organs, which replaced organ transplants. A potential customer can therefore come to the Union for a request for an organ, which he will have to buy on credit. If he is unable to maintain the payments after three months, the repo-man is the man sent to the client to recover the property he can no longer repay. The process of recovery is brutal and often leads to the death of the client.

Rémy is one of the best repo-men in the Union. He works with his childhood friend, Jake, to collect overdue accounts. Remy is very popular within The Union, it is said promising, although this occupation poses problems for his wife, who considers dubious. After his departure, when Jake makes a recovery in front of their house, Remy decides to look for a job in the sale, to the chagrin of Jake.

For his last cover, Remy is sent to the residence of a music producer, whose work he admires. After giving the man enough time to finish a song, Remy prepares to take back his heart. When he tries to use a cardiac defibrillator to stop the heart, the defibrillator has a malfunction that sends him a large electrical shock through his body and he falls into a coma. When Remy wakes up from his coma, he is informed by Jake and Frank, his colleagues, that the shock has severely damaged his heart. It can be equipped with an artificial heart, or die. After trying to leave the hospital, Remy reluctantly agrees to the procedure.

Remy returns to his work, but is no longer able to exercise it: he feels right, with his new heart, as one of the people from whom he must recover a unit. He tries a transition in the sale, but quickly finds himself with late payments. Jake takes Remy for a mission on the outskirts of the city where people who have outstanding accounts with the Union flee to avoid the recovery of the organ. Remy is again unable to perform a recovery, after which he is abandoned by Jake until he can do his job. Remy loses consciousness as a result of the attack on two men whose organs he tried to take back.

Remy, on waking, meets again Beth, previously met in a bar where she sang. He discovers that she has multiple organs, that she has late payments and that she is currently an addict. Remy takes him to a motel room, where he stays with her for his weaning. After a failed attempt to clear his account, Remy returns to the headquarters of the Union and tries to destroy evidence of his debt to the company, but Jake surprises him. Beth and Rémy go to live in the periphery.

They live then a perfect happiness. Remy uses an old typewriter, which Beth offers him, to write the story of his life. When he finishes a repo-man arrives to recover his heart. After a brief fight, Remy uses the typewriter to save Beth. Rémy then uses the man’s vehicle to sneak into his former workplace. He tries to force Frank to clear his account, but he discovers that because of his previous visit it is impossible to clear their accounts.

Remy and Beth try to flee by flying, but they are caught by the safety when it is discovered that Beth’s knee prosthesis has been damaged due to their earlier fight with the repo-man. They are forced to fight against airport security and two other repo-men. Rémy kills or neutralizes them all, and while escaping, finds himself face to face with Jake, who was assigned to recover the debt of Remy. The couple manages to escape, and goes to see a doctor at the black market to replace Beth’s knee. After the procedure, both are arrested by Jake, who followed them. A fierce battle ensues, during which Jake reveals that it was he who damaged the unit’s defibrillator so that Remy could continue his repo-man work so that they can get a promotion. It follows a fight between the two but Jake wins and drops Remy in the apples by hitting him with a chain.

Remy wakes up, and is rushed into a house safely with Beth, due to a raid led by the Union repo-men. Both survive at night, but Remy is remorseful after finding the corpses of the Union’s victims. He decides to destroy all the accounts of the company to prevent recoveries. After passing his story to his son during a brief meeting on a train, they go to the headquarters of the Union. Remy and Beth are pursued in the building, and after an intense battle, arrive at the pink door, behind which is the system of registration of the collected units. Through the use of Beth’s prosthetic eye, they are able to get inside before Jake and Frank arrive. Once inside, they discover that the server has no interface, except for a scanner. Rémy realizes that the only way to withdraw from the system is to “scan”. Remy and Beth open up each other to use the scanner in their bodies to cancel their accounts.

Jake and Frank are able to enter using an organ, while Remy desperately tries to resuscitate Beth, who has stopped breathing during the process. Jake asks Rémy if she was worth all the difficulties and the pain he suffered, Rémy agrees. Frank shoots a weapon to kill Remy, but Jake turns against his employer, killing him with a knife. Jake then assists Remy in Beth’s resuscitation, after which he lays two explosives inside the organ harvesting unit.

Later, Remy is on a tropical beach, enjoying his freedom with Beth and Jake. His text written earlier in the film was published in a book, The Mambo Repossession. Remy turns to Jake, but sees the background flickering and incoherent voices. We discover that Rémy indeed suffered severe brain damage when Jake hit him with the chain earlier in the film. Jake, remorseful, had paid Rémy’s fees and placed him in a network of neurons, allowing him to live the rest of his life in a dream. Beth is still alive, but unconscious, and when asked about what to do with her, Jake replies that he will take care of it. This allows to realize that this part of the film takes place in the imagination of Rémy. Jake finds Rémy’s manuscript, which he greets with a bitter laugh, as his former partner is stuck there, presumably to spend the rest of his life in his imaginary world.

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Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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