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Reservoir Dogs (in Mexico , Dogs of reserve , in other countries of Hispano – America , Dogs of the street ) is a American filmof year 1992 directed and written by Quentin Tarantino , being this its directorial debut.

This starring Harvey Keitel , Tim Roth , Chris Penn , Steve Buscemi , Lawrence Tierney and Michael Madsen . Tarantino’s performance is of lesser importance, as is that of the ex-convict writer, Eddie Bunker . Reservoir Dogs incorporates many themes and aesthetics that would be transformed and made known as Tarantino’s own labels, as director and screenwriter.

Tarantino, who initially worked as an employee in a video store in Los Angeles , was originally going to film the film with his friends with a budget of $ 30,000, a 16 mm format and producer Lawrence Bender would be the one to make the paper of “Eddie Cabot”. 3 However, actor Harvey Keitel became involved in the project via the wife of Bender’s acting teacher, who delivered a copy of the script to Keitel, 4 who was not only in agreement to have a role in the project. film, but also to co-produce it. With the help of Keitel, the filmmakers were able to increase the budget to 1.2 million dollarsfor the production of the film, 2 too large for a film made independently , but a small fraction of what would be a typical Hollywood production . The film since then is seen as an important and very influential landmark of independent cinema. [ citation needed ]

The Spanish film Distrito Quinto (1957) by director Julio Coll , before it, used the same claustrophobic climate of some robbers gathered in a place, after the robbery, which does not come on the scene but is guessed by the dialogues and the use of partial retrospectives ( flashbacks ), to mount the story, with the added suspicion that one of them betrays them. 5 According to Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs sought to achieve a result similar to that of Blood Simple (1984) by the Coen brothers .

Six professional criminals are hired by Joe Cabot ( Lawrence Tierney ) and his son Nice Guy Eddie ( Chris Penn ) for a job. They do not know each other and remain anonymous, hidden under the names of colors: Mr. Orange ( Tim Roth ), Mr. Blanco ( Harvey Keitel ), Mr. Rosa ( Steve Buscemi ), Mr. Rubio ( Michael Madsen ), Mr. Brown ( Quentin Tarantino ) and Mr. Blue ( Edward Bunker ). Stratagem that was previously used in Pelham 1 2 3. They carefully prepare the robbery to a diamond store, but the police appear unexpectedly at the time of the robbery turning it into a massacre that results in the deaths of some policemen, employees and also of Mr. Azul and Mr. Brown. Something make us suspect that there’s a infiltrated traitor. Gathered behind closed doors in an old abandoned warehouse, the survivors confront each other trying to discover who has led them to this extreme situation.

Most of the above is not shown in the film but the viewer deduces it from the dialogues and partial flash-backs that illustrate the background of the central situation. The movie actually starts with some men having breakfast in a bar where they discuss banal facts.

When the initial credits end, the inside of a car is shown. Mr. Blanco is driving him and tries to reassure Mr. Orange who is bleeding in the back seat because of a gash in his stomach. The two arrive at the meeting point, located in an abandoned warehouse. There, Mr. Orange loses consciousness.

Mr. Rosa appears. He has hidden the stolen diamonds because he suspects there is a policeman infiltrated among the thieves. He has a confrontation with Mr. Blanco, because they do not agree on what to do with Mr. Naranja. Mr. Blanco wants to take him to a hospital, but Mr. Rosa does not allow it because Mr. Naranja knows the name and hometown of Mr. Blanco and can betray them all.

The arrival of Mr. Rubio interrupts the dispute. He has kidnapped a policeman and the three of them beat the hostage. Eddie arrives, angry because of the massacre that took place in the jewelry store. Ask for help to take the hidden diamonds. Mr. Rosa and Mr. Blanco go out with him.

Mr. Rubio continues to torture the policeman, who affirms his ignorance about who is the infiltrated policeman. Mr. Rubio cuts the hostage’s ear and decides to burn it. At this moment, Mr. Naranja kills Mr. Rubio with several shots. Then he confesses to the policeman his true identity, which he already knows. He has infiltrated the group to catch Joe Cabot. He pretended to be a carefree delinquent and overcame the distrust of the other thieves with invented anecdotes. During the robbery they have hurt him and he has killed the woman who has done it.

Eddie, Mr. Blanco and Mr. Rosa arrive. When he finds his friend, Mr. Rubio, dead, Eddie kills the policeman. It demands explanations, and Mr. Orange keeps lying. He says that Mr. Rubio wanted to kill them all and get the diamonds. No one believes him except Mr. Blanco. Then Joe arrives saying that Mr. Naranja is an infiltrated policeman and Mr. Blanco refuses to believe it.

A deadly triangle forms: Joe directs his pistol to Mr. Orange, Mr. White directs his to Joe, Eddie directs his to Mr. Blanco, and Mr. Rosa hides. This situation is solved with the deaths of Eddie and Joe. Mr. Rosa takes the diamonds and flees.

While Mr. Blanco, wounded, crawls to Mr. Orange, dying. It comforts him holding him in his arms. Then Mr. Orange confesses the truth. The police break. Mr. Blanco, crying, kills his friend and immediately dies riddled by the police. Or not, because it does not come on the scene, only the shots are heard, so you can not know if only the police shoot (Mr. Naranja lives and Mr. Blanco dies); or both shoot (Mr. Naranja and Mr. Blanco die).

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